Joe Arpaio's Latest Insulting Ad: Rape a Dog, Go to Jail; Rape a Kid, Go Free

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Joe's latest: he loves dogs, kiddies can go pound sand, though

Sorry to ruin your breakfast, your lunch and your day, but this is the most recent commercial from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's re-election campaign that's guaranteed to induce gastrointestinal distress in anyone with more than half a lick of sense.

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"Sheriff Arpaio made fighting animal abuse a real priority," a woman's voice reads. "That's why his deputies arrest anyone found doing harm to animals and take them directly to jail."

Too bad humans don't get the same courtesy in this county, or that Arpaio hasn't made fighting the sexual abuse of minors a "real priority." Perhaps then, his office would not have botched more than 400 sex crime cases in El Mirage and elsewhere.

Ironically, the commercial shows Arpaio talking to children, right before it bills him as "a powerful ally for our four-legged companions."

If you walk on two legs, not so much. For instance, last month, I wrote about how an MCSO supervisor ordered an investigator in the sheriff's Special Victims Unit to prioritize various cases involving fraud over the rape of a 13 year-old girl by her uncle.

So MCSO dropped the ball, and the girl was raped repeatedly over the next few years, even impregnated by her abuser.

But should your sickness be bestiality instead of child rape, Arpaio's boys in beige will be all over you like hair on a pooch. Heck, they'll set up Craiglist stings, whatever they have to do, should you and yours be looking for a date with Fido.

Which is as it should be, I reckon, except you'd think the MCSO would prioritize cases dealing with women and children being sexually assaulted. Or at least give those investigations the same shoe-leather and elbow grease that are given the cases dealing with the canine fornicators.

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio," the woman tells us toward the end of the 30-second ad. "A tough sheriff, with a soft spot."

What a pant-load. And what about that tagline, "Sheriff Joe Arpaio, protecting all of us"?

Tell the big lie, and tell it often. It's worked for every despot in history, and Willems may make it work for Maricopa County's corrupt, tin-pot autocrat.

If money were any indication of results, then Arpaio's victory would be guaranteed. Willems' Summit Consulting was paid close to $1 million for little more than a month's work, according to the latest campaign finance filing with the county, much it going for TV ads such as the one above.

But Willems was also one of the brain surgeons behind former state Senate President Russell Pearce's disastrous loss during the 2011 recall. Even the big-money guys can lose 'em, once in a while, you see.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.