Joe Arpaio's Network of "Birther" Buds Raising Cash for Themselves in Name of Recall

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sure has some suckers in his fan base, and you can bet his "birther" pals at World Net Daily are well aware of that.

That's why you can head over to the "superstore" for WND -- the conspiracy-theorist website known for the ramblings of master-birther Jerome Corsi -- and for between $5 and $1,000, you can "help defend against the 'recall' of Sheriff Joe Arpaio," but you're not sending that to the Arpaio campaign.

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"I urge you to make a donation to support Sheriff Joe Arpaio right now - no matter the amount. If everyone who reads this appeal gave the minimum amount of $5, it would raise the considerable necessary resources to protect Sheriff Arpaio," signed, birther attorney -- "attorney" is a word we'll use very lightly here -- Larry Klayman.

Klayman has hooked up with a company, under the name "Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results," in which Klayman and members Surprise Tea Party are supposedly creating legal challenges to the recall effort against Arpaio.

We assumed, like in Arpaio's bogus "investigation" into President Obama's birth certificate, that World Net Daily was running Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results.

WND has all-but-confirmed just that, since it's accepting donations through its own store.

It's all a profit game, too. Consider the fact that Klayman himself told the Florida Bar in 2011 that he had "very little funds, as my financial situation continues to be dire."

Klayman claims to be filing a legal complaint against Respect Arizona's recall effort, which is supposed to be unveiled later this afternoon.

Klayman claims the recall effort is "illegal," "unconstitutional," and a "criminal recall enterprise" -- but he has failed over and over again to point out what exactly is running afoul of the law (probably because there's nothing illegal).

But if you're dumb enough to think that a used car salesman and an 80-year-old county sheriff have discovered that the president faked his birth certificate, then you're probably dumb enough to send between $5 and $1,000 to World Net Daily "to protect Sheriff Arpaio."

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