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Joe Arpaio's Pal Andy Kunasek on Blast by Activist Beto Soto in New Dennis Gilman Video

Dennis Gilman's latest: Beto Soto vs. the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

As we get closer to June 14 -- simultaneously Sheriff Joe Arpaio's 81st birthday and the date that parties in the racial profiling lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio are to appear before federal Judge G. Murray Snow -- the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office becomes more emphatic in its stated intent to nix (at least for the moment) its racial-profiling ways.

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Last week, the Arizona Republic reported that the MCSO's notorious Human Smuggling Unit would no longer be patrolling county highways hunting Hispanics and that Arpaio's work site raids seeking undocumented workers have been placed on hold.

Fox News reported that the fear-inducing signs on MCSO vehicles asking citizens to "Help Sheriff Joe Arpaio Fight Illegal Immigration" by calling Joe's report-a-brown person number are being removed.

The number itself is now out of service.

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