Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio's School-Patrol Posse Gets a Glowing Review From the NRA

While the National Rifle Association has proposed putting an armed guard inside every American school, the lobbying organization's "news" arm ran a gushing endorsement of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's school-patrol posse, which puts an armed guard in zero schools.

The public-relations piece for Arpaio aired on the TV show "NRA News Cam & Co" -- which can be found on the Sportsman Channel -- and it portrays the Sheriff as a guy who's doing something about gun-violence at schools.

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After Arpaio's talking about how gun control is bad, and a photo pops up of Newtown, Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza, the NRA "news" show gives its explanation of how Arpaio's posse-patrols work.

Of course, there are a few casual omissions:

  • There's no mention of the fact that these posse members never go inside the schools, or on school grounds.
  • There's no mention of the fact that the 50-something schools that have a posse member taking laps outside aren't all of the schools in the county. Nearly all of the schools that are covered are smaller schools.
  • Arpaio claims yet again that the "only difference" between deputies and posse members is that the posse members don't get paid. They're just not deputies in any sense.
  • Don't forget KPHO's reporting on the posse members caught up in criminal activity. The NRA's "investigative reporter" missed that.

Seeing as how many suckers have been reeled in by Arpaio's publicity stunts over the years, we're guessing people are going to love the NRA's "news" report too.


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