Joe Arpaio's Scooby Doo Gang Nails Obama on Alleged Damning Phone Interview With 95-year-old Woman, Presents Zero Real Evidence

Photo by Jamie Peachey

Arpaio telling everyone what he contends is some really serious stuff.

An elderly man and his friend shouted about the president on Tuesday.

And Sheriff Joe Arpaio and so-called Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo added nothing to their running total of zero evidence that President Obama's birth certificate is fake, which they presented at a highly publicized press conference.

The "evidence" that Zullo presented wasn't at all groundbreaking like the posse had built it up to be leading up to the presser -- just like the last time the posse did the buildup to a disappointing press briefing.

Still he railed about how, despite the reluctance on the part of Hawaiian officials to lend a hand to the investigation, the posse was able to come up with damning new "information."

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