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Joe Arpaio's Teabagger Pals Muster "Shadow Army" Against Recall Effort with Help from Chad Willems (w/Update)

Secret footage obtained by New Times of the last Teabagger meet-up headed by A.J. LaFaro. With friends like these, how could Joe lose?

Check out the email below, with a message purportedly from walking PayDay bar and newly-elected chair of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, A.J. "Wild Man" LaFaro.

In it, LaFaro does his best to fire up the Teabagger faithful by telling all and sundry that our aged autocrat Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under siege and requires the assistance of a toothless brigade of Yosemite Sam-lookalikes: You know, to dog the "domestic terrorists," now out pounding pavement in hopes of scoring the needed signatures to recall his sorry ass.

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So the pro-Joe goobers are holding a meetin' come Saturday to figure out how to organize a "`shadow army' of `shadow warriors'" willing to "stand toe-to-toe" with the "paid progressive socialists...collecting petition signatures."

And you know what this means: Ornery, white geriatrics, Glocks strapped to their pear-shaped hips, ready to do battle with unarmed signature gatherers. What's next, drive-bys? Gangland-style shootouts? Chemical warfare? Shuffleboard playoffs?

Not to discount them too much, as any idiot can pull a trigger. Still, I'd love to see these red-white-and-blue Depends-wearers trying to go "toe-to-toe" with any of mis amigos on the West Side, or down in South Phoenix, for that matter. Boy, would that be fun to watch.

Anyway, I called and emailed LaFaro for comment, but have received no reply.

BTW, LaFaro bitching about a recall is pretty rich, considering that he led a 2001 recall effort against openly-gay Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano.

Ostensibly, the recall was supposed to be over Giuliano's comments that folks might not want to donate to the Boy Scouts because of its anti-gay stance.

Which is a dumb reason to recall someone. But a lot of people figured LaFaro for a homophobe. In the end, LaFaro got the sigs, but Giuliano won the recall election in a landslide.

As the email mentions an employee of Chad Willems' Summit Consulting Group, I emailed Willems, known for making bank off getting Joe re-elected in 2012, and asked him if he seconded the violent language of his Teabagger compatriots.

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