John McCain's Bigotry Earns Hashtag, Near-Universal Ridicule, Help from Bigot-Boy Sheriff

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Guess I've heard the last from U.S. Senator John McCain's haughty, over-paid flack Brooke Buchanan.

Yesterday, in the midst of a PR meltdown that's turned McCain (once again) into a political laughingstock, his office issued a statement claiming that an unnamed U.S. Forest Service official had given the Senator info prompting the Arizona alter kocker to blame the state's current plague of forest fires on Mexican migrants.

McCain got fellow Senator Jon Kyl and Arizona Congressmen Jeff Flake and Paul Gosar to sign off on the statement, though federal officials have publicly insisted that there is zero evidence to back up McCain's racist claim.

Since I'd been sparring via e-mail with Buchanan over McCain's outrageously idiotic comments, I shot her a new query, headed "before you head out to WalMart." This refers to a recent Politico report that Buchanan is trading her DC job and her 129K-a-year government salary for presumably more money fronting for cheap-goods monolith WalMart.

This is what I wrote Buchanan:

"I'd like to know the name of the mysterious Forest Service official McCain refers to in his recent statement, the one who supposedly told him that immigrants cause wildfires.

"I'm all ears, Brooke. Because I'll bet you a plate of barbecue in Arkansas (assume you'll be there soon) that he or she does not exist and your current boss is not just a bigot, but a seasoned prevaricator."

By this a.m. she had not responded, so I e-mailed another one:

"Brooke, haven't received a response from you on this question. If I do not receive one from you in the next couple of hours, I can only conclude that the Senator is a liar."

That one must've ticked her off all the more, so she decided to pull a Cartman, pick up her ball and go home.

"Steve, clearly your journalistic integrity is nonexistent and this exchange is over," she replied.

For someone who shills for a bigot, and is off to shill for company notorious for selling goods produced by seriously underpaid workers overseas, she's one to talk.

Cochise County's Mexican-bashing Sheriff Larry Dever backed up McCain's Mexicans-cause- wildfires claim yesterday, saying it's a "90 to 100 percent" likelihood that illegal immigrants or smugglers caused the Monument Fire, part of which overlaps the border.

Proof? Dever admits he has none. Just pure speculation. The feds have confirmed the fire was man-made, but will only say it's under investigation.

Dever's such a great lawman that he's never caught the killer of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz, though he's laid that one on illegal border crossers as well. (More speculation, though one dead man, regrettable as it is, does not a crime wave make.) Makes you wonder if Dever blames every crime he can't solve on illegal aliens. Mighty convenient those Mexicans are.

Dever along with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu have a non-profit they pimp for called BorderSheriffs.com. This, though Pinal County is not on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The site regularly sends out e-mail screeds bashing illegal immigrants and blaming them for an increase in crime, even though FBI stats show that violent crime is down all across Arizona. But never let facts get in the way of raising dough. After all, what does the FBI know about crime?

Finally, McCain's ludicrous scapegoating of Latinos as firebugs responsible for Arizona's infernos has made both the Senator, and by extension Arizona, into the butt of a worldwide joke. Just Google "McCain" and "fire," and you can see for yourself the national and international condemnation of McCain's baloney and how many people find his statements risible.

Most amusing is the Twitter hashtag #mccainblamesmexicansfor, in which Tweeters skewer McCain by having him blame everything from "tornadoes, lightning strikes and traffic jams" to the 1929 Stock Market crash on them dang Messcans.. 

Some of the best of these include: 

"John McCain blames Mexicans for the well manicured lawns at his seven mansions."

"...for Facebook's confusing privacy settings"

"...for stealing Pulitzer Prizes from hard-working Americans."

and, my favorite,

"...for denying him the presidency. No, wait, we did do that."

Well-known political cartoonist Lalo Alcarez is also on the hashtag, and his witty McCain-as-Smokey-the-Bear poster is linked to there

I haven't seen Colbert Report or The Daily Show recently, but you've got to figure this one's a slow moving target for them. (Nothing on their Web sites so far.) If they haven't blown McCain out of the water yet, seems they're bound to eventually.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.