Jon Justice, Wingnut Lip-Flapper, and the Lefties

The boycott of Tucson's right-wing shock jock Jon Justice of 104.1 FM is on like Donkey-Kong.

Seems he ticked off talented and tireless Three Sonorans blogger David Abie Morales, who is leading a boycott effort against Justice online. According to Morales, he's gotten one advertiser to bolt from Justice's show already.

The blood's in the water, and lefties on Facebook are in Morales' corner. What did Justice do to offend, you ask?

Well, Justice has long dissed Tucson Unified School District's ethnic studies program, and, in the past, he's done creepy things to a blowup doll of Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia. (I kid you not.)

Most recently, he's called on Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik to resign after Dupnik's comments following Saturday's massacre in Tucson. Of course, Dupnik isn't going to resign. (Nor should he.) And Justice knows that.

See, Justice is a right-wing jerk. That's his shtick. And in liberal Pima County, he uses this shtick to rile the left-wingers, who are legion.

It's a standard ploy, a winning formula for right-wing lip-flappers from Bill O'Reilly to Rush Limbaugh. Right-wing commentators want to get a rise out of you. It's what they do for a living.

But though I'm a big fan of Morales', and an even bigger fan of Isabel Garcias', I generally do not like boycotts aimed at pundits of any stripe.

I was against the boycott aimed at Lou Dobbs, though I shed no tears on seeing the decrepit nativist shuffle off CNN. And though there was no boycott of CNN's Rick Sanchez, I bemoaned the fact that a few weird statements cost him his job.

Similarly, Don Imus' firing over his inappropriate comments, and the overkill of outrage over Michael Richards (aka, Kramer) and his use of the n-word onstage at a comedy club was ridiculous in the extreme.

When Archie Bunker-esque bigot Darrell Ankarlo ruled the airwaves at Phoenix's KTAR, I took every opportunity to smack him around in print and online. But I would never have supported a boycott of his show.

I'm not against all boycotts, of course. The boycott of the apartheid regime in South Africa, for instance, was righteous. Ditto the boycotts against segregated businesses and city services in the South during the Civil Rights movement.

And I supported the boycott against Arizona over its breathing-while-brown law SB 1070, though, admittedly, its effectiveness has waned of late.

But boycotting some media personality because you don't like what he or she says, well, that's where I begin to have a problem. Then the boycott verges on censorship-lite, or at least an imposition of political correctness.

Interestingly, Morales recently reported that Justice is trying to turn the tables on him and get his blog cancelled.

Dumb move. Tucson Citizen, the home of Morales' blog, has very little money. In other words, there's not much to boycott, boychick. I think Morales basically does it because he wants to. And, well, he is good at it.

The thing I'd like to hear is Morales and Justice debating. Morales should challenge Justice to verbal duel.

On neutral ground, mind you. Justice's show would not be neutral ground, what with all his sophomoric sound effects and his ability to cut people off.

Why, I'd even offer to moderate. We could do it on campus somewhere, in a coffee shop, or, my favorite, a bar. The forum would have to be agreed upon by both sides.

In any case, if Justice chickens out, he will forever be labeled a coward.

And if Justice consents, Morales will wipe the floor with him. Talk about a win-win.

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