Juggalos Busted in Mesa After Deaf School Break-Ins; Three Men Left "Juggalo-Specific" Graffiti, Cops Say


Image: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Raymond Steele, Levi Blanton and Russell Westergard

Are the Juggalos a "criminal street gang" or not?

We say no. Mesa police -- in this case, anyway -- say yes.

Cops busted a trio of woop-woopers on Wednesday in connection with four break-ins at a deaf school. According to the East Valley Tribune today, the three men vandalized computer monitors, threw paint around and stole projectors.



As New Times music editor Martin Cizmar blogged today, a Tempe concert date was recently announced for Insane Clown Posse, the band to which Juggalos pay homage.

Looks like these three Mesa clowns, Raymond Steele, Russell Westergard and Levi Blanton, were just rustled up some pre-show publicity.

But as with other Juggalos who commit crimes, these guys appear to be another case of a few accused apples spoiling the barrel.    

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