Ken Bennett's "Birther" Request Shows the Insanity of Arizona's GOP

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One old biddy demanded Bennett do something because Obama was "obviously guilty." To which Bennett was forced to counter like a sixth-grade civics teacher that no one is "guilty" until proven so in court.

Afterward, when I filed out with the oldsters, some griped that the country was "going communist" under Obama. Others talked about how Obama "obviously" was a Muslim.

In the lobby, I asked Bennett why he'd even entertain the notion that Obama's birth certificate was not legit. He repeated his refrain that he was only responding to constituent requests, that he thought Hawaii would quickly respond and end the issue for him.

Then, Bennett admitted that he hadn't seen Chiyome Fukino's aforementioned statements until Monday. He also insisted that he was not trying to "prove" his conservative credentials to anyone.

(Note: As this column went to press, Bennett kinda-sorta ate crow, telling KTAR radio hosts Mac and Gaydos, "If I embarrassed the state, I apologize.")

The simple fact that Bennett felt the need to placate goofball requests from his "constituents," when he should've just ignored them or sent them on their way with copies of Fukino's press releases, shows how deeply insane both the state GOP and Sand Land's political discourse is right now.

Bennett's big mistake was humoring these moon-howlers to begin with. 'Cause if you give the conspiracy-minded crackpots of either the left or the right the time of day, you might as well be Br'er Rabbit playing with the Tar Baby. You'll never get loose.

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