Joltin' Joe

Indecent exposure: You should do an exposé on what has to be the worst major metropolitan newspaper in the country, the Arizona Republic. For 10 years now, I've seen New Times struggle to expose corruption and fraud at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office only to be obstructed every step of the way ("Histrionics Lesson," John Dougherty, August 11). Meanwhile, the Republic -- and every local TV news station in the market, for that matter -- continues to whore itself out for this idiot.

Case in point: In an effort to justify his deputies' arrest of Sergeant Patrick Haab for detaining illegal immigrants at gunpoint, the Republic filed a public records request, and Sheriff Joke promptly supplied Haab's military service record for publication on the front page of the paper.

Whether you agree with Haab (I do not), the fact that the sheriff only obeys the public records laws when they don't threaten to expose his corruption is yet another sign that he must go.
Brad Dugan, Glendale

Selective compliance: Isn't it funny how selective Sheriff Joe Arpaio is about who gets public records requests handled promptly, or at all? Always the media whore when it makes him look good, he will practically deliver the information to the newsroom of whatever butt-boy newspaper or broadcast outlet requests it.

New Times, which is the only publication in Arizona to go after Joe's cruelty and incompetence, of course, gets nothing! Not without a legal fight, and then it gets next to nothing. Outrageous!

Now, I thought Joe did the right thing regarding Patrick Haab; it was County Attorney Andrew Thomas who looked like a fool. But here's what I'm getting at: Since Joe was on the side of prosecuting Haab, he pushed a story on the Arizona Republic that made him look good and made Thomas look bad. The grandstanding buffoon was all too happy for the Republic to get public records -- when he has been fucking New Times around forever on records that might put him and his administration out of office or in prison.

How can Superior Court Judge Michael "Bend-Over" Jones endorse selective compliance with the Arizona public records law?! Well, just like a lot of other politicians in this town, Bend-Over is scared to death of Arpaio.
Ronald Jones, via the Internet

Trolling for the truth: I never really put it together before reading your latest Joe Arpaio piece.

Thanks for referencing all the previous articles John Dougherty has written on the evil old troll Arpaio. It is truly mind-boggling what Joe has done over his years in office.

I would encourage all your readers to click onto this column on the Internet so that they can click onto each of the previous New Times stories you link to. That way, they can see the breadth and depth of what Joe Arpaio has done to (not for) the citizens of this county.

Why is justice so hard to come by regarding this old fool?
Willa Cain, via the Internet

Plus Signs

Image conscious: After reading your letters page on Club FullFilled ("Bigger and Better," August 11) and the article ("Full Bloom," Inferno, Stephen Lemons, July 28), I had to throw my two cents in.

I think the whole point of the club has been distorted by people's viewpoints. It's not about promoting unhealthiness. It's about giving plus-size people a comfortable place to be themselves without having to deal with social stereotypes. Let's be real: People make fun of fat chicks. Society has a double standard. We're supposed to just overlook the beer gut on a guy, but Lord forbid a woman have meat on her bones.

We are faced with a Barbie-doll image of what we're told we should look like. But the fact is, a lot of us can't live up to that and never will, and we shouldn't have to kill ourselves trying.

I think that reader Dr. Terry Bender's comments about how any man who is attracted to a plus-size woman has serious psychological issues is absolutely ludicrous. Maybe he should work more on his bedside manner and stick to his day job than making assumptions!

As for our being "easy," once again, there go the stereotypes. Not every fluffy chick is easy. Not every skinny girl is hard to get. I may not be a size 5, but I still know how to turn heads (in a good way).

And most men are "easy." So, fat or not, I still have the upper hand. Easy women are easy by choice; it's not just because they're overweight.
Beth Holliday, Mesa

Thanks a ton: I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the cover story on Club FullFilled, Arizona's only plus-size nightclub. Since your Inferno column came out, we have received tons of inquiries and met so many great new people.

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