Police Story

Evidence, schmevidence: It was so brave of Paul Rubin to write the story of Sally Carbajal's murder and her disputes with her ex-husband, Danny ("Family Secrets," Paul Rubin, June 23).

I mean, how much more evidence do the cops need to make arrests? I hope this story pushes them to do more, and I hope that justice is served.
Name withheld by request

Dramatis personae: What an interesting story about Sally Carbajal! Chilling, really.

If I were Paul Rubin, I would watch my back. It sounds like Danny Carbajal is no stranger to the city's dark side.

The way Sally and her boyfriend died is something out of a TV police drama. Can you imagine . . . you walk out of your home and tat-tat-tat! And then, tat-tat-tat! Your lives are over.

I just pray that the police are able to avenge the deaths of those two innocent people by bringing everybody involved to justice.
Bobbi Moon, via the Internet

Bad Cop, Bad Cop

To protect and serve: The story of Luciano Arriaga Jr. is pure and simple about a bad, bad cop -- despite what letter writer Dante Newman thinks ("Just Don't Defend Yourself," Letters, June 30)!

This officer obviously did not follow departmental rules! It sounds from your earlier story ("Thunder Road," Michael Lacey, June 16) like he has a drinking problem, as well as anger issues. I'm saddened that police departments aren't aware of such problems when they hire. This person did not have any business carrying a badge or a baton -- much less a gun.

When law enforcement employees take their oath under Arizona Post guidelines, they promise to protect the public. They promise under oath that they will carry themselves with the highest integrity.

What happened to Warren B. Poole's integrity?

To be demoted from the SWAT team after his DUI was just too much for him. He should have been counseled extensively. The Phoenix Police Department should have addressed these problems. An innocent person was almost executed.

Luciano Arriaga Jr. was only defending himself from a horrible attack. I hope my son does the same thing if his life is threatened in such a cruel manner.

Our family is praying for the Arriagas. Hopefully, the City of Phoenix will compensate the family for all it has lost and then some.
Sally Eatherly, Mesa

Weather report: First of all, it was not a "dark and stormy night" in south Phoenix on February 6, 2002, as letter writer Dante Newman wrote. It was 9 a.m. Extreme caution should have been used, yes, but by Luciano Arriaga Jr. The wacko cop almost killed an innocent person!

When an individual applies for a job as a police officer, he or she agrees to uphold the law, with the utmost integrity. You must swear to serve and protect the public and use common sense. You must accept the responsibility to put yourself in danger from the criminal element.

This crazy cop did not do any of the above. When an officer goes on a drunken spree and visits many strip joints in Phoenix and is involved in an accident -- and arrested -- this act alone doesn't represent exemplary behavior by a public official. Especially just before he is due for work.

This is scary! And I hope and pray that at 9 a.m., or at any other time, I don't run into a cop like Warren B. Poole.

I pray for the Arriagas, and I pray and hope another trial, which is a waste of taxpayer money, isn't held. How outrageous to spend our tax dollars for three trials when the cop was in the wrong!

Poole should fall on his knees and apologize to the Arriaga family and very quietly fade into the dusk to seek counseling for his dependency on alcohol.

I have the utmost respect for the Arriagas and for Luciano Jr. for the courageous act of standing up against the City of Phoenix and its corrupt cop! The city needs to admit it made a mistake when it hired and then tolerated such behavior from an employee who's supposed to uphold the law.
Jason David Stoddard, Clovis, California

Pain and suffering: Our family's prayers go to the family of Luciano Arriaga Jr. We think they are very courageous and commend them for standing up for their rights.

How horrible it must have been for the parents while Luciano was in prison! We don't wish this happening to our very worst enemies.

Why the City of Phoenix is covering up for Officer Warren B. Poole, I don't understand, except for maybe the liability involved. The city needs to leave the family alone, and it needs to pay them for all their suffering and emotional trauma.
Hector and Molly Morin, via the Internet

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