Letters From the Issue of Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pros and Neo-Cons

Shameless exploitation: I guess I wasn't surprised when neo-con author Ann Coulter was blasted for her views on the shameless exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy carried out by some of the relatives of those killed. Whenever you speak the un-PC truth in this country, the "thought police," as The Bird said, come out en masse and try to destroy you ("Monument Valley," August 3).

And the truth about the local memorial is: Either Arizona feels like it must jump on the bandwagon and have a 9/11 memorial just like other "big" cities (a penis-envy kind of thing) or it's all so politicians like Governor Janet Napolitano can get easy TV coverage during an election year.

The Bird's absolutely correct in his assessment that we need to stop whining about 9/11! Far more Iraqis plus Afghans have been killed now by our troops than died in the Twin Towers. We have exacted our revenge in spades!

Yes, 9/11 was a terrible assault on our country and its freedom, but we have a new tragedy (Hurricane Katrina) since then, with more tragedies to come very soon, I'm sure. We need to get past 9/11. We need to stop catering to the likes of Janet, who only wants to milk this for her own purposes.

There are indeed plenty of 9/11 memorials at places where there should be memorials. Why in Arizona?! We're about as far from the tragedy scene as it gets.

But, you know, it's typical of Arizona to come in with a memorial long after the trend has passed. For Christ's sake, there've been endless documentaries and a couple of movies made about the tragedy. There's even a TV show starring Denis Leary [Rescue Me]! Another monument in a far-removed place like Phoenix — after 9/11 has become a sad cliché — is ridiculous.
Conner Young, via the Internet

Sects and the city: It amazes me that something that's so obvious to fanatical Muslims halfway around the world has completely escaped the birdbrain of The Bird. Perhaps it's the intensive study that terrorists have made of the psyche of their targets, but New York City, besides being the financial capital of the United States, has so many residents that there's a connection between the City and virtually every state in the Union.

This is what made it such a large target and 9/11 such an effective maneuver.

I was born in New York City and have a very large family there. It was, therefore, almost inevitable that I would lose a close relative in a tragedy that included such a large number of people — and I did. I lost a first cousin, Vernon Richard, who was a lieutenant in the Fire Department of New York (he was made a captain posthumously). My very first instinct upon hearing of the tragedy on that infamous day was to go home. Never mind that I'd lived in Arizona for more than 20 years at that time.

Instead of making the effort to consider whether the 9/11 memorial will help grieving relatives of 9/11 victims here in Arizona, The Bird took the opportunity to slam Governor Napolitano and proceeded to bash her on other matters. I personally am insulted by the cavalier attitude toward us. We don't have the visibility of the "Jersey Girls," but The Bird took his potshots at us anyway.

Even more stupid was The Bird's ignorant attempt to compare 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina. We Phoenicians have helped Katrina victims. We clothed them, fed them, housed them and employed them. What can be done for people who are dead? Nothing, except, perhaps, erecting a memorial so they won't be forgotten.
Marian Richard-Calkins, Phoenix

Ann frank: Sophistication has gone off the deep end when your resident hipster starts quoting — favorably — slime-ball fascist Ann Coulter. The Bird explains that some art installation commemorating 9/11 must in actuality be a sop to political correctness. Oh, please!

Whatever you think of the "art" or the idea, it has as much to do with liberal PC as hating illegal aliens. Does the writer consider even for a brief moment which party has taken that pony for a ride in the last two election cycles? Remember "9/11 changed everything"? The Bird's memory is either conveniently pre-9/11 or juiced on the filler in Coulter's augmented mammaries.

Finally, since The Bird finds fascism so insightful, he should approvingly quote Coulter's charge of Bill Clinton as "gay," and gays in general as "fags."
Walter Hall, Phoenix

The nasty truth: In its wacky way, The Bird can always be counted on to speak the nasty truth. At first, I was angry at the tweeter when I read "Monument Valley," but once I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that the feathered one is right: It's time to stop moaning about 9/11 after five long years!

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