Letters From the Issue of Thursday, December 6, 2007


Another who won't vote for Joe: I have to start out this letter by saying, way to go! You are what we need at this time to bring down Sheriff Joke and his clowns. Thank you, and please keep up the good work ("Enemies List," Sarah Fenske, November 29; see also "Wilenchik's a Liar, and There's More," Michael Lacey, November 15; "Who's Sorry Now?," Stephen Lemons, October 25; and "Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution," Lacey and Jim Larkin, October 18).

I cannot believe how much [Arpaio and his people] are getting away with. Does the Constitution mean nothing anymore? Our freedom of speech has been taken away from us. It's wrong! We need to fight these clowns and get them out of office. Lock them up with all the rules they have created.

And the new visitation hours at the jails . . . Oh, don't even get me started on that. Sheriff Joke needs to go! He is far from perfect, but [perfect] is what the rest of the media makes him out to be.

I'm very glad to see that there is someone out there with enough guts to stand up against this. Thank you and please never let up! You have many supporters on your side — more than you'll ever know.
Ani Pawlson, Phoenix

Just who is this Napoleonic freak?: Just who pays to put Andrew Thomas' face on billboards, TV, and posters, and his voice on the radio?

It looks like political self-promotion under the guise of public service. How is it that this man can abuse human rights and the Constitution on a daily basis without recrimination? How is there any correlation with Thomas' news conferences with public safety and crime prosecution? Why would any conscious citizen in our country condone such obvious blatant political whoring and its fascist undertones? Just what demographic does this Napoleonic freak think he is appealing to?

I am 56, white and a professional. I never would have given this man any thought, but I have spent 21/2 years in Mr. Thomas' legal torture chamber of horrors. I am one of many who receive a legal gang rape from this man. Thank God I am white. I am very afraid.
Brian Dennis, via the Internet

Great victory so far: Thank you very much for your rock-solid integrity and unwavering courage in defending First Amendment rights and exposing the corruption in the Maricopa County legal system. As the janitor said, "Great victory" ("He Just Doesn't Get It," Michael Lacey, November 1). And it was a victory not just for you but for every American.
Norma J. Carey, Phoenix

Hate-mongers they are: I am really upset with these guys [Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas]. We have to vote them out. They have no morals, and they are creating too much hate and fear in our communities.
Erika Page, Phoenix

Where are the recall petitions?: Only one question about Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas remains: Where are the recall petitions? I wish to volunteer to get signatures to help promote the very honorable act of recalling these two criminals from the offices the people put them into to protect our rights and serve our needs.

After this is done, I think we should focus on passing a law to limit politicians to one term in office — period. That would eliminate their having to focus entirely upon re-election when they should focus on improving our lives instead.

We elect a sheriff to keep the peace for us. End of story. We have a county prosecutor for the purpose of presenting evidence to prove the guilt of those accused of having committed crimes. I'd really like to know who approves of Thomas' tweaking the law because he wants to be re-elected?

To the editors of New Times, I applaud you and I thank you for your courage, honor, and righteous acts to protect our Constitution and right to privacy (i.e., our right not to be put on a hit list by Joe Arpaio and his Nazis).

And thank you for publishing the only intelligent newspaper in the state of Arizona. We are informed of the facts on issues that affect our lives every week by New Times. We would not be reading about these matters otherwise.

I seriously doubt that people running other papers in this state would have been arrested rather than give us up to madmen.
Marlene Keller, Phoenix

An equal trade, we think: Hey, Nickel Bag, I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours? Computer records, that is.
Edward Lacey, via the Internet

But who would star in it?: Wow! It is really amazing what is happening in Phoenix — and I thought China, Texas and Africa were the only places that I would never want to visit. Now, I have to add Maricopa County to that list.

Based on the information in "Wilenchik's a Liar, and There's More," it looks like New Times could have a pretty good foundation for a malicious prosecution lawsuit against former special prosecutor Wilenchik and possibly others involved in this continuing drama.

Probably would make a fine good movie, as well.
Javier Fantango, via the Internet

Phoenix's finest?: The sheriff is an idiot. Even the Phoenix police act like a criminal gang.

I personally was arrested and detained (and put in Sheriff Joe's jail for two days) for calling the cops (by using 911 because a police dispatcher hung up on me three times) to stop the drug dealing on my corner, Fifth Street and Portland. The cops steadfastly still refuse to do anything about this.
Dave Brook, Phoenix

Yes, there should: Is there any legal redress for the abuses by Arpaio and Andrew Thomas? Should there not be a federal investigation into the attempted subversion of the Constitution?
Name withheld by request


J.T. is definitely puke-worthy: How can the state's Republican Party allow this buffoon of a neo-Nazi in their ranks? J.T. Ready would have had no place in the AZ GOP when Goldwater (Barry, not doofus Don) was around ("Racist Daisy-Chain," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, November 22).

But with the party run by the likes of Randy Pullen and State Representative Russell Pearce, it's turned into a gutter filled with racist trash like Ready. I'm so disgusted I could puke.
Jay Adler, via the Internet

When you lie down with dogs: What have Maricopa County Republican Party circles come to when a neo-Nazi thug can infiltrate party ranks? It truly speaks to the kind of leadership the party has nowadays.

It also speaks to the kind of cretins there are among our local GOP ranks: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew Thomas, State Representative Russell Pearce.

The party needs a housecleaning, but I won't be holding my breath for that to happen, because there's a perception that these guys are so popular they can't be stopped. And, based on the most recent elections, that may be true. But the New Times case has put a big chink in their armor. It has made them very vulnerable. If local Republicans with scruples were to step up now and challenge them, they could do us all a huge public service by unseating these SS troopers.

White supremacist J.T. Ready probably has no real power in the little position he holds, but he is a metaphor of what is going on. You know the old adage: When you lie down with dogs. His politics are not far removed from those of Thomas and Arpaio. As The Bird pointed out, Joe recently said he had no problem being called a KKK member, and both he and Thomas are publicly supporting Pearce [in a Congressional bid], who's shown in your photo arm-in-arm with Ready.
Liz DeMarco, via the Internet

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