Letters From the Issue of Thursday, July 12, 2007

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Gimme lesbian antics: I found the "Ladies Night" article much more interesting than that crap about cops and Tasers. Public safety? Who cares?! Give me more lesbian antics!
Name withheld by request

Are they really puke-worthy?: I have serious concerns about the direction of your paper's music section. More specifically, I don't understand why Niki D'Andrea is allowed to continually fill this section with stories that have nothing to do with music.

While I can reluctantly tolerate her forays into music journalism (Niki's Pick, Locals Only, and Live Wire), it's the Niki at Nite articles that make me want to puke. It seems that if she isn't telling us she's a lesbian, she's name-dropping her friends. Does she want me to think she's cool because her friends have wacky nicknames? I'm not jealous. I had friends with nicknames in third grade.

These meaningless rants about what she does in her free time mean nothing to me. This writing was fine when it was in the Night & Day section, but there should be no place for it in the music section. I don't care about Chihuahua races ("Doggy Style," May 17) or semi-pro wrestling ("Slam-o-Rama," April 17), or the non-music venues visited on Mill Avenue on a Saturday night ("Milling Around," April 4).

I've held my tongue for quite a while, but this week's "Ladies Night" issue has sent me over the edge. Not only is it hard for me to believe that you allowed this to be a feature, but that you ran it in the music section.
Dave Merenda, Phoenix

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