Letters From the Issue of Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Clay, you should have your head examined! You obviously know nothing about baseball, this city, or the Red Sox and Diamondbacks.

I have an idea: Why don't you write another article, this time about the mishaps and bad judgments of Sheriff Joe, Governor Janet, and our AZ political system. It has been two weeks since you spent another 14 pages about these faults.
Brian Dewey, Phoenix


Birds of a feather: Nice work by New Times writer Ray Stern in uncovering the truth about LifeLock ("What Happened in Vegas . . . ," May 31). After all the denials, Robert Maynard Jr. has apparently now resigned from the company ("Slapstick Scammers," The Bird, June 21).

What makes no sense is that although Maynard Jr. has apparently resigned, he is now going to form a "marketing company" and do the exact same work he has been doing for LifeLock as a "consultant."

So, exactly, what is the difference? If LifeLock has concluded that Maynard Jr. shouldn't be an employee or officer of LifeLock, why would it continue to use Maynard Jr.'s services and why would it continue to allow him to be an owner?

What is even more troubling is that LifeLock is apparently going to use Maynard Jr. as a "marketing consultant," when it was Maynard Jr.'s marketing lies that got it into trouble in the first place. If LifeLock and Todd Davis were reputable and cared anything about the truth, they would force Maynard Jr. to sell his stock, stop Maynard Jr. from making money from his lies, and completely disassociate him from LifeLock. What is that old saying about "birds of a feather"?

A more humorous note is that another of LifeLock's marketing campaigns has gone awry. As anyone who has been to LifeLock's Web page knows, Todd Davis posts his Social Security number on the site because he is so confident in LifeLock's services. Well, Todd Davis recently had his identity stolen by a thief using Davis' Social Security number, and a loan was taken out in his name.

If the service can't even prevent LifeLock's CEO from having his identity stolen, then Maynard may be the least of LifeLock's problems.
Name withheld by request

Us, too: I just want to thank the writer of the story titled "Fred Flintstone" (The Bird, June 7). In it, you mentioned Robert Maynard Jr. I hope all of Phoenix reads about the slimy scumbag.
Dawn Horn, Phoenix


Leave that Phil alone: I am a frequent reader of New Times, though I resent the contempt that is often shown for Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon within your pages ("Benedict Gordon," The Bird, June 7).

For all the things that he has done to make this city a better place for young people (who I assume make up a majority of your readership), I would think New Times would be a bit more appreciative of his leadership.

The light-rail project alone should be enough to get a shining endorsement from you. It will make this city a much more exciting place to live and work, providing a safe, easy way to navigate through the city's cultural and entertainment centers. Not to mention that Gordon was also instrumental in getting an ASU campus constructed in downtown Phoenix.

I just don't understand how you can be so critical of Gordon and yet so supportive of his incredibly inexperienced opponent, Jarrett Maupin. Maupin is so inexperienced that he sent out a press release celebrating his 20th birthday that had misspelled words in it.

Sure, Maupin is young and ambitious and (supposedly) idealistic, but could he achieve the great accomplishments and policy successes of Phil Gordon? It takes more than just being young and loud to speak for young people. To me, Gordon's actions speak much louder.
Steven Slugocki, Phoenix


Feeling no pain: How dare you tell the Mothers Against Drunk Driving to "eff" themselves ("Mad at Madd," The Bird, May 31)!

Your writer obviously has not had the pain of burying a child because idiots like him think it's okay to drink and drive. You can have a nightlife without getting so drunk you can't drive.
Sandy Fehr, via the Internet

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