Lou Ferrigno and Joe Arpaio Mug It Up in Video from Tempe Nativist Rally

I'll never be able to watch reruns of The Incredible Hulk in quite the same way.

In this video from Tempe's recent, pro-SB 1070 "buycott" rally, Lou Ferrigno appears onstage with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, flexing for the crowd before Arpaio addresses the nativist faithful about how the Obama administration's been pickin' on him.

Ferrigno was made an honorary MCSO deputy at Arpaio's offices last week, and there given his first assignment: play bodyguard for Arpaio at the anti-Hispanic rally. Ferrigno was in town for the recent Phoenix Comicon when he apparently decided to sign up with Maricopa County's corrupt top constable.

Hey, no one ever said Lou was famous for his brains. Or his acting ability, for that matter. All he had to do in the '70s hit TV series was emit the frequent growl and grunt while in green body paint.

For his part, Arpaio whined about the U.S. Department of Justice's ongoing investigation into allegations of racial profiling by his office.

"A year and a half they've been roaming around the streets of Phoenix," Arpaio kvetched, "Normally talking to the mayor of Phoenix [Phil Gordon]. But what's happened? Evidently our deputies are doing the right thing. They're not racially profiling."

Of course, Arpaio left out the fact that a federal grand jury in Phoenix is also probing his office over allegations of abuse of power

In spite of Arpaio's recent hug-a-thon with a group of undocumented students called the Dream Walkers, the sheriff promised to lock up all the illegal immigrants his officers come across once SB 1070 takes effect.

"I will arrest everybody and book 'em into the jail," he said. "I'm not going to turn them over to ICE."

Instead, he told the cheering crowd, he'll stick them in the tents.

Arpaio also wondered why President Obama doesn't invite him to the White House and thank him for his efforts.

Hey, maybe the invite's on the way, Joe, albeit to a federal pen. You know, in the form of a grand jury indictment.

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