Louie Puroll Shooting Story Brings Out Worst in Certain Local Media

We watched with great curiosity last night as local television news types tried to sort out the wild yarn involving Pinal County sheriff's Deputy Louie Puroll.


Here's our story on the stink.

An "investigative reporter" (as compared with a "reporter") for the NBC affiliate (Channel 12) named Wendy Halloran did her take on our story, and the decision by Sheriff Paul Babeu to send Deputy Puroll's teeshirt to the state crime lab for analysis.


When Halloran did her stand-up at the close of the piece, she told viewers that we had "hired" forensic experts to render opinions on aspects of the complex case.

We called her on her cell phone and left a message, telling her that she had made a false statement, and it needed to be corrected immediately.

For the record, we neither "hired" nor compensated anyone for their comments for this story --never have, actually.

We actually were able to get folks to analyze parts of the case for us (crime-scene, gunshot wound, behavioral and forensic experts) by virtue of just asking them.

It's how we roll.

To state or imply otherwise is incorrect.

Halloran called us back and at first told us that a mutual source had mentioned something about us "hiring" experts, i.e. shopping around for someone to tell us nasty things about Deputy Puroll's bizarre account.

Her excuse was lame, and we told her so.

She then said she'd made a "mistake" and would write a correction.

As the broadcast neared its end, anchor Mark Curtis told viewers that we had contacted them to refute Halloran's inaccurate statement about us "hiring" experts.

We are reminded of the great writer Ray Bradbury, who was asked after a speech at ASU what he would warn one of his fictional space creatures to avoid if they happened to land on Planet Earth.

Bradbury didn't miss a beat.

"Local TV news," he said.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.