Marc Victor Already Planning to Run Against Kyrsten Sinema, Expects Help From Ron Paul

Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema has been in Congress for a little more than six weeks now, but libertarian-minded attorney Marc Victor is already planning to defeat her in 2014.

We've heard from his campaign that Victor, who ran as the Libertarian option against Richard Carmona and then-Congressman Jeff Flake in the recent Senate election, will be running as a Republican.

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"Marc is very serious about winning this time and has a very good shot at doing so," according to his campaign. "He has been in contact with Ron Paul and running as a Republican can expect help from Ron with the campaign."

That's a bit of a different tone than Victor used in his bid for Senate, in which he pulled in about 4.5 percent of the votes.

"I don't care what people do with their votes," Victor told New Times during the campaign, after a pro-Flake Super PAC claimed a vote for Victor was really a vote for Carmona. "I'm just promoting freedom."

Obviously, running as a Libertarian, Victor knew his odds of winning were just about zero, and starting out this campaign with the Ron Paul information, it doesn't look like Victor's abandoning the libertarian message.

Victor, an honorably discharged Marine, is also an attorney, and we've noted a couple of the successes he's had of late.

Victor actually announced his run for Senate last summer, about a week after defending a client who was found not guilty of transporting 83 pounds of marijuana from Douglas to Phoenix.

Then, just weeks before the election, Victor was a bit busy as he was defending Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of "Baby Gabriel."

Johnson was facing a kidnapping charge in the trial, but a jury ended up finding her guilty of the lesser charge of unlawful imprisonment.

That said, it looks like Victor's actually going to take a shot at winning the election this time, running as a Republican. Of course, to get to Sinema, Victor would have to win that Republican primary -- which was a seven-way race last year.

Vernon Parker won that primary race, but ended up losing to Sinema by about four percentage points.

If you want to check out Victor's campaign website, it can be found here.

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