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Maria Weeg Out as Dems' Executive Director, And Dandy Don Bivens Plans to Run for Chair (Again)

So, Maria, what took you so long? The two e-mail missives below just arrived via third parties, and though I've yet to receive an official confirmation from the AZ Democratic Party, the letter from party Executive Director Maria Weeg announcing her resignation seems genuine. (It ain't April Fools' Day, I checked.) The other e-mail states former state party chair Don Bivens' intention to run again after losing the excess ballast. (PLEASE NOTE: Since I filed this item, Weeg's departure has been verified.)

At the Dems' January reorganization meeting, Bivens was upset by Pima County firebreather Paul Eckerstrom. But Eckerstrom ran out of fuel two weeks after unseating Bivens, and now the Dems will have to go through the process of electing a chair all over again. Kinda reminds ya of what Democrat Will Rogers once said about not belonging to an organized party.

If Bivens had axed Weeg to begin with (or Weeg had been smart enough to suck a loaded pistol --metaphorically speaking), and if Bivens had been as contrite as he's being now about the disastrous 2008 result for local Donkey Kongs, chances are Eckerstrom would not have felt the need to lead a revolt, and the Dems wouldn't be in their current state of disarray. But, hey, at least it's kept things interesting.

Last election, Bivens raised the cash, and left the nuts and bolts of electing Dems to Weeg, which was a huge mistake. Weeg's last job had been leading Idaho Dems, a weaker prospect by far in comparison to Cactus Country. When 2008 -- projected to be a banner year for local donkeys -- turned into a bust, Weeg stuck her head under a rock and pretended all was well.

Take the recent, retarded piece in the Repugnant by Craig Harris touting the "Women of the West," including Weeg. Her section was sub-titled "Maria Weeg: Dems see big gains with party leader." Man, I haven't laughed so hard since George W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. Does this Harris dope read? Is he acquainted with this thing called the state legislature? Look it up, dumbass. The Dems, they are not ascendant. Big gains my fat patootie.

Should Bivens be allowed to return now that Weeg's out? Only if he promises to replace Weeg with someone who'll kick ass as the new Executive Director. Someone whose strategic impulses and huevos (or ovaries) will put a scare to into your average AZ pachyderm. Now that 2008's in the rear view, up's the only direction left.

From: Maria Weeg
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 3:17 PM
Subject: Thank you
Dear Chairwoman Young, Executive Officers, and County Chairs:
I am writing to offer my resignation as Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, effective February 28, 2009.
It has truly been an honor and privilege to serve as your Executive Director. I can say, quite confidently, that the Arizona Democratic Party is, and will continue to be, one of the best state parties in the country. We are in a time of transition, and the leadership that you provide will certainly be a steadying influence in the coming months.
Leaving the ADP is bittersweet for me as I have made so many friends around the state, been blessed to work with the finest state party staff in the country, and have learned from so many wise and compassionate political mentors - our activists, volunteers, elected officials, and party leaders. I have learned a lot, grown a lot and will take with me the energy and drive to move our country forward that so defines Arizona Democrats.
Please know that I have been considering my next steps for some time, and that my departure is not tied to recent events. The party does need a fresh start, though, and so do I. I am committed to as smooth a transition as possible and will work with you over the next few weeks to that end.
With warmest regards and utmost respect,
Maria Weeg
Executive Director
Arizona Democratic Party
(602) 298-4200
[email protected]


Hello my fellow state committee people,
As most of you are aware by now, Paul Eckerstrom, our newly elected chair for the State of Arizona Democratic party, has resigned. We are now faced with scheduling a special meeting to elect a new chair (we are trying to plan for March 7) and we have a very qualified candidate who is willing to step up, raise the money we need to raise, and make the changes we need to make so we can have the big wins we need in 2010. I am writing to ask that you vote for Don Bivens. He has acknowledged his mistakes, and the Executive Director, Maria Weeg, has tendered her resignation. Changes are being made to improve on our organization in the state of Arizona.
I feel strongly that Don is the right person for the job- and we have no time to waste after this short detour.
Would you be willing to support Don Bivens? Would you be willing to let me know if you will support him? I need to start counting the votes from the west valley ( something I am always amazed that Harry Reid doesn't do.. LOL) Please send me an email with any concerns or questions you have. If [sic] would like to speak to me or Don about this, please email me and I will arange [sic] that for us to do that.
I am not aware of any other candidates for chair, if you are, please call me and we can talk.
Thank you for your attention to this matter - PLEASE REPLY no matter what your answer is, and thank you for being part of our great cause in Arizona -- we are needed more than ever!

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