Salvador Reza being hauled off to jail by MCSO deputies last Friday.

Maricopa County Attorney to Drop Charges Against Salvador Reza; Charges Against Other Protesters Going Forward

​As far as we can tell, the crime " being Latino on a Friday afternoon" isn't on the official books in Maricopa County. Nor is "activist on a Friday afternoon," or "enemy-of-Joe-Arpaio on a Friday afternoon."

That didn't stop some of Arpaio's goons from arresting civil rights activist Salvador Reza last week for no apparent reason.

Good thing for Reza that Andrew Thomas is no longer runnin' the show at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, and Thomas' replacement, Rick Romley, has decided to drop the charges against Reza, citing the fact that there appears to be no probable cause for his arrest in the first place.

"We've reviewed all police reports, we reviewed video," Romley says. "We agree, as well, with the judge that there was no probable cause."

Click here for the details on Reza's arrest. And check out some video of the incident below.

The Sheriff's Office had recommended that Reza be charged with violating a court order that he "stay away" from officers who arrested him the day before.

A crime, Romley says, that never occurred.

Romely did say, however, the prosecution of others arrested during last week's SB 1070 protests will go forward.

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