Matthew Pape Faces Murder Charge for Allegedly -- and Accidentally -- Killing His Close Friend

The Peoria PD arrested Matthew Pape two days ago after he allegedly -- and from what witnesses say and what's indicated in the police report, accidentally -- killed his friend while play-fighting at a bar, police say. 

About 10 p.m. Friday, Pape, 39, and his friend, David Witmer, 45, were at a bar near 6700 West Peoria Avenue having some fun, which turned into pretending to fight over a cell phone, says Peoria PD spokeswoman Amanda Jacinto. 

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Pape allegedly put Witmer into a choke hold and Witmer fell down and hit his head against a bar stool. 

Patrons at the bar called 911 and Witmer later died at the hospital from the head injury. Peoria PD has charged Pape with second-degree murder. 

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