McCain and Napolitano Ranked on Lists of Country's Most Influential Conservatives and Liberals

Arizona Senator John McCain and former Arizona Governor and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano are ranked as some of the most influential Americans -- within their respective parties -- in the entire country, according to a report in the British newspaper Telegraph.

Telegraph ranked the most influential Americans on both the conservative and liberal sides of the aisle and our, um, fearless leaders were both ranked within the top 20.

On the left, Napolitano ranks fifteenth among the most influential liberals and on the right, John McCain is revered as the sixteenth most influential conservative in the country.

Interestingly, you could probably ask a lot of people on the far-right and they'd be shocked to hear McCain is conservative at all.

McCain and Napolitano are in some elite company. Others on the list are the who's-who of polarizing politicos and talking heads.

Barack Obama -- obviously -- is the most influential liberal, followed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oprah, and his wife, Michelle.

On the conservative end of the spectrum, former Vice-President Dick Cheney is considered the most influential, followed by Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Sarah Palin.

Ranking sixth on the conservative's list is our personal, um, fave: Glenn Beck -- the holier-than-thou former alcoholic, who seems to weep every time he hears the word "America."

Thankfully, Beck has no actual power or we'd probably be sobbing with him.

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