MCSO Deputy Torrey McRae Arrested for Stealing Department Cash

One of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's boys in beige was booked into jail on five felony charges today.

According to the sheriff's office, now-former Deputy Torrey McRae skimmed $5,000 out of the sheriff's office that was meant for drug investigations.

The internal investigation into McRae started in January, when one of his supervisors caught the "discrepancies" in McRae's money transfers.

The sheriff's office says McRae was working as a detective in the "special investigations unit" at the time, and resigned from the sheriff's office just before the arrest was made.

McRae had attempted to repay the $5,000 he allegedly pocketed from the sheriff's office, which didn't really matter anyway.

McRae was booked on two felonies related to violations as a custodian of public money, two felony counts of forgery, and one felony count of theft. (No mugshot yet.)

McRae's been with the MCSO since 2007, and is a former Chicago cop.

Of course, Arpaio has something to say in a statement from his office.

"It is always difficult to accept the fact that a very small number of law enforcement officers sometimes engage in this type of activity," he says. "I am proud of the job that my office has done in detecting this situation and taking immediate action."

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