MCSO Detectives Had Lee Lubonne's Address and an Allegation Against Him Three Days Before Second Alleged Sexual Assault

UPDATE: MCSO weighs in after the jump.

A few things have come to light after the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of two-time sexual-assault suspect and self-described "sex pig" Lee Lubonne.

First, it was all the things Lubonne allegedly did and the genuinely creepy stuff found in his house, then, Sarah Walker -- the former subject of Sheriff Arpaio's ire over her bestiality arrest -- coming out publicly as one of Lubonne's victims.

Now, it's been brought to our attention that the first victim, a 15-year-old girl, and her mother told detectives the license plate number to Lubonne's car -- which was registered in his name -- as well as Lubonne's home address while telling the story of her assault three days before the second one allegedly occurred.

The first case, which was being investigated by a different detective, involved the 15-year-old girl telling police in an interview on Wednesday that she had posted an ad on Craigslist seeking a babysitting job.

The girl told police that she met up with Lubonne on March 3, and he convinced her to go to his house, even though she told Lubonne -- who called himself "Mike" -- that she didn't feel comfortable being there, and she was going to leave, according to court documents.

She said Lubonne told her "she wasn't going anywhere," and took her by the neck and dragged down a hallway, grabbing a knife and eventually sexually assaulting her for around two hours, according to the documents.

The girl described Lubonne -- whom she'd only known as "Mike" -- while her mother told the detective the license plate number to his car, as well as his address. The license plate was registered to Lubonne, and the house was the same house where Lubonne was arrested after another alleged sexual assault occurred three days later.

It's not clear when the girl actually reported the alleged rape, but the interview along with her mother happened on Wednesday, a second woman was allegedly raped on Saturday, and Lubonne was arrested on early Sunday, according to court documents.

A law-enforcement source tells New Times that while the interview on Wednesday should've led detectives to some sort of immediate follow-up with Lubonne, it's still possible that there's an explanation.

UPDATE: MCSO spokesman Chris Hegstrom got back to us. Hegstrom tells New Times the girl did wait about two months to report the incident, and it was being investigated, although confirms no contact was made with Lubonne until after the second alleged victim came forward.

Hegstrom says while it may seem odd that they didn't immediately contact Lubonne immediately, it's not really anything out of the ordinary -- it's just not the route detectives took while building evidence. He added that the process isn't easy, and stressed again that she came forward two months after the alleged assault.

As for Lubonne, though, the Sheriff's Office is thinking there's a "possibility" there may be more victims.

Evidence recovered from Lubonne's house on Sunday included various recording devices, a duffel bag filled with "sexual apparatus[es]," a bag of what detectives believe are "trophies" -- including medication bottles, printouts of profiles of women from social-networking websites, and maps -- as well as 13 hard drives and thumb drives locked in a safe, according to the Sheriff's Office.

To-do lists found in his car and home also aroused the suspicions of detectives, as one said he had to meet one of the victims and buy zip ties, and another "stated his desire to stop being a 'sex pig' and to find Jesus," according to MCSO.

MCSO said yesterday detectives are concerned there may be "many more victims," and urge you phone them up if you have any information, "no matter how seemingly insignificant."

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