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MCSO Inmate Escapes After Duping Guards by Putting Milk Cartons in Jail Uniform

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An inmate in a a jail run by the self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" in America, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was free for nine hours yesterday, after using a method similar to that used in the 1979 movie Escape from Alcatraz, starring Clint Eastwood.

The easiest part for Adan Orduno, who escaped from the Lower Buckeye Jail wearing nothing but his pink underwear, was that he didn't even have to cross the San Francisco Bay -- he just got to walk around Phoenix for a while.

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According to video footage of Arpaio's press conference, which we didn't receive an invitation to (the Pony Express deliveryman must have been murdered on his way to our e-mail inbox), Orduno escaped from his cell in the psychiatric unit yesterday morning.

Orduno dressed up some milk cartons with his jail outfit, "pried the ceiling open," went through the crawl space, and apparently hopped a fence before hitching a ride, Arpaio said.

In the Eastwood rendition, there was a paper-mache dummy, a wall was chiseled out, and the escape route went through a ventilation shaft -- pretty similar.

According to Arpaio, Orduno then got a ride from a guy who said he thought Orduno had just been released from the jail, despite the fact that he was only wearing underwear.

He got a ride to his mom's place and got some clothes before getting tricked into meeting with an undercover MCSO detective yesterday evening, and he was taken back to jail.

Channel 3 was there for Orduno's arrival, and he told the station that he was tricked into meeting with who he thought was his ex-fiance -- which probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway.

He also claimed he escaped by giving a guard $1 million, in exchange for just holding the doors to freedom open for him, so who knows.

We've attempted to contact the Sheriff's Office for some details, but we hadn't heard back at the time of this post.

In case we tricked anyone (aside from MCSO jail staff) with the photo above, we'll come clean -- it's not actually Orduno. His booking photos can be found below.

Orduno was reportedly in jail on charges of armed robbery and attempted murder, and he's obviously facing more charges at this point.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.