Mexican Airline Volaris Begins Flights Between Phoenix and Mexico City on December 4

Volaris, a Mexican low-cost airline, will begin its flights between Phoenix and Mexico City on December 4, just a couple months after initiating service between Phoenix and Guadalajara in Mexico.

Volaris will fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Guadalajara three times a week. They will have the same weekly schedule for flights to Mexcio City.

The expanded service comes as a time when the City of Phoenix is working to build stronger connections with the neighboring country.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and other council members were on Volaris' inagural flight to Phoenix from Guadalajara.

Phoenix officials and state business and tourism leaders had traveled there on a trade mission to meet with their counterparts and explore economic development opportunities.

Volaris CEO, Enrique Beltranena was also on board with the Arizona delegates.

Beltranena said, during a recent press conference, that Volaris provides a great and cost-effective way for the nearly 1.7 million residents of Mexican origin living in Phoenix.

"We are helping to bring together families and friends on both sides of the border," he said.

He has been in the Valley promoting the airlines low-cost airfare, membership program that yields even lower fare and the flexibility to change passenger names and travel dates and locations with Volaris airline tickets.

Stanton believes that more airlines, like Volaris, at the city's airport is a sign of economic recovery.

"We are so fortunate in this community to have another way to welcome our friends, family and business partners from Mexico, thanks to Volaris," Stanton said in statement.

Stanton is also hoping that air travelers will have even more options if a merger between U.S. Airways and American Airlines is allowed to move forward.

"I am supportive of a US Airways-American merger and am confident that it will bring long-term gains to Phoenix, the Valley and to Arizona," he said.

A couple days ago, Stanton was among the mayors from several major cities who signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to reconsider a Department of Justice lawsuit aimed at blocking the merger.

"Without this merger, American and US Airways will be at a permanent competitive disadvantage to Delta and United, each of which has been allowed to build superior route networks through mergers that were cleared by the Justice Department, the latter under your watch," the letter to Holder reads. "The long-term prospects of American and US Airways will be imperiled." (quoted from Business Journal article.)

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