Middle-Aged Showdown May Not Happen When Brett Favre Comes to Glendale This Weekend; Cards Coach Whisenhunt Says Warner's a Game-Time Decision

Middle-Aged Showdown May Not Happen When Brett Favre Comes to Glendale This Weekend; Cards Coach Whisenhunt Says Warner's a Game-Time Decision

When NBC moved this Sunday's Cardinals-Vikings game from a locally broadcast afternoon game to a nationally televised primetime game, it was probably expecting a middle-aged showdown between two of the league's most seasoned quarterbacks.

The combined age of Kurt Warner and Brett Favre is 78, and a meeting on the field between two extremely veteran quarterbacks, who are both having a hell-of-a season, probably seemed like an easy sell to the network.

Unfortunately, NBC may not get the showdown it anticipated because Warner is still suffering symptoms of a concussion he suffered at the hands of the St. Louis Rams two weeks ago and may not play.

Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt said both Warner and Matt Leinart have been practicing as starters this week and who makes the start Sunday is a game-time decision.

What does that mean for Cards fans? It's the difference between an almost unstoppable passing game with Warner, or running the standard Matt Leinart, "hey, just don't fuck this upt" offense.

Leinart got the start in the Cards first road-loss of the season last week in Tennessee. Leinart wasn't terrible. He didn't turn the ball over, but he could muster only 17 points against the league's worst pass defense. This wasn't enough for the Cards defense, which allowed a last-second 99-yard touchdown drive to lose the game.

Was the last-second touchdown Leinart's fault? No, probably not, but aside from last year's Super Bowl, those things just tend not to happen when Kurt's at the helm.

On the Minnesota side, Brett Favre, despite pissing off almost every football fan in America with his annual attention-starved indecision about retirement, is still Brett Favre, and the dude's awesome.

Even last season, when he was the focal point of Jet Favre and the Bretts, Favre managed to take New York City's B-team further than anyone in their right mind would have ever predicted.

Analysts say this season's Vikings have given Favre more offensive weapons than he has ever had in his career, and they're probably right. Favre is having one of the best seasons of his career, and if the Cards defense is as ineffective as it was last week, it's gonna be a good-ol'-fashion Brett Favre beat-down in Glendale Sunday night.

Kickoff is at 6:20 p.m. At this point, all we can do is pray for Kurt's brain to un-rattle so Leinart takes his deserved spot behind the clipboard. 


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