Formere Vicee Presidente Dane Quaylee
Formere Vicee Presidente Dane Quaylee

Mitt Romney Will Be in Valley Tomorrow; Dan Quayle Endorsement Expected

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be in the Valley tomorrow, where he's likely to announce that former Vice President Dan Quayle is endorsing his bid for the presidency.

Romney, as you may recall, is one of several GOPers who planted his lips on the arse of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in hopes of picking up his endorsement -- before Arpaio endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry, that is.

The former Massachusetts Governor has a campaign event in Paradise Valley scheduled for tomorrow night.

Quayle -- the gaffe-prone father of Congressman Ben Quayle, best known for misspelling "potato-e"  -- lives in Paradise Valley, and sources close to Romney's campaign (anonymously) tell the Associated Press that the former veep is planning on throwing whatever political weight he has left behind Romney.

Quayle has been out of the political limelight since his own failed presidential bid in 2000. During his son's Congressional campaign, Quayle worked mostly behind the scenes, and rarely gave interviews about the campaign (with the exception of prematurely announcing his son's candidacy on national television. More on that here).

In other words, Quayle's nod in Romney's direction isn't likely to sway too many GOP voters. However, as we saw in the younger Quayle's Congressional campaign, the elder Quayle knows how to raise cash -- which isn't something Romney's strapped for, but it never hurts to have more of.

Romney is currently one of two presidential candidates who right-leaning Independent voters find "acceptable," according to a recent poll from Gallup -- he and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are the current front-runners in the GOP primary.

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