More Believable: Cartel Bounty on Joe Arpaio or Sasquatch?

In case you missed it Thursday, another person has been arrested for an alleged "death threat" against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

A Peoria man made a comment online about taking a $2 million bounty from Mexican drug cartels for Arpaio's head -- a bounty that doesn't exist, to the public's knowledge.

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Arpaio uses the line for fundraising and such, but there's never been a shred of proof that a Mexican drug cartel is targeting Arpaio. We're not sure why they would, either, since Maricopa County isn't that close to Mexico.

The only potential evidence that this bounty exists was from a report from the local Fox affiliate in 2010, about a text-message equivalent of a chain e-mail, claiming there was a $1 million bounty from the Juarez Cartel for Arpaio -- note that Juarez is nowhere near Arizona, let alone Maricopa County -- and also offering $1,000 if you want to join the cartel.

If you believe that, then we know a rich Nigerian prince who needs your help.

Similar to Arpaio's claim of the drug-cartel bounty, there's also no real proof of the existence of Sasquatch -- although there's considerably more research about that big dumb ape (Sasquatch).

What do you think is a more believable story: drug cartels offering tons of money to off the elderly sheriff, or a large monkey walking on two feet around the United States and elsewhere?

Cast your vote below:

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