Morning Poll: Are You Over the Whole J.D. Hayworth/Jack Abramoff Thing Yet?

Yesterday, disgraced, former Washington D.C. lobbyist Jack Abramoff was released from the Maryland prison he's called home since 2006.

Simultaneously, Senator John McCain and his opponent in the GOP Senate primary, J.D. Hayworth, are bickering over which of the two is more of a lobbyist.

As you're probably aware -- and if you're not, just ask the McCain campaign -- Hayworth has a bit of a checkered past when it comes to his ties to Abramoff, which have been highlighted over the course of this campaign.

Hayworth's political ideology on a lot of things may suck and he says a lot of incredibly stupid stuff. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. The fact is, though, Hayworth was never charged with a crime because of his ties to Abramoff.

In other words, as far as the law goes, the dude's innocent.

We want to know what you think, though: Are you over it yet, or are Hayworth's ties to Abramoff still a factor?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.  

Yesterday's poll question: Is Martin's Plan for a Statewide "Tent City" Purely Political?

-93 percent say yes.

-7 percent say no.

Here is your morning poll:



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