Morning Poll -- Chicago and San Jose's "Boycotts" of Arizona: Cowardly?

On Wednesday, both the Chicago City Council and the San Jose City Council approved resolutions that call for a quasi-boycott Arizona.

Unlike other cities that have opted to boycott Arizona in retaliation for SB 1070, the San Jose and Chicago boycotts don't end any current contracts the cities have with the Grand Canyon State, just prevents new ones. In San Jose's case, the resolution doesn't even prevent that, it just calls for the city to "condemn" Arizona.

In San Jose, the sponsor of the resolution, Madison Nguyen, originally had wanted to ban pricey Arizona contracts like garbage collection and Taser guns for cops. She removed those features, which would have cost San Jose millions, before the vote.

Some people say if the cities have such a problem with Arizona's new law, they should put up or shut up -- suggesting that part of a boycott involves certain sacrifices, which there appear to be little-to-none of in these cities' resolutions.

We want to know what you think: Will these resolutions have any impact, or are they just a cowardly way to bash Arizona?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.   

Yesterday's poll question: Are you over the J.D. Hayworth/ Jack Abramoff connection?

-3 percent say yes, I'm over it.

-6 percent say no, it's still a factor.

-91 percent say Hayworth just didn't get caught.

Here is your morning poll:



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