Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, Republican Mike Harris, Nativist Craig Tillman, and Scores More Nuts Star in Video from Obama's VFW Visit

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There was so much attention paid to anarcho-libertarian AR-15 bearer Christopher Broughton in the wake of President Barack Obama's visit to Phoenix last Monday that some of the other nuts are, I'm certain, feeling a bit neglected. So take a gander at this seriously deranged video from a nativist wackjob who goes by the name of usadefender1, and is known for infiltrating pro-immigrant events with a professional-looking camera and wearing a shirt labeled "PRESS."

Anyway, usadefender1 is sort of the metaphysical and political opposite of local lefty videographer Dennis Gilman -- the bizarroworld Dennis Gilman, if you will. But I think usadefender1's efforts are worth paying attention to for their unintended irony, their sheer stupidity, and because they prove a damn good point. Not the point usadefender1 wanted to make, but a point nonetheless.

usadefender1's video of the anti-Obamaites on August 17

The beginning of usadefender1's  August 17 video (the date of Obama's speech before the VFW at the Phoenix convention center), features the now-cliched pic of Obama in Joker makeup, a recoding that sounds like Adolf Hitler speechifying back in the day, and the following diatribe from the faux defender.

"A man from a far off land with no allegiance became our leader," reads the loony kvetch. "He bullied, lied, cheated and deceived a free people. Is it possible that a free people could be conquered and subjugated in 8 months?"

Conquered and subjugated? What, through a national election? Um, don't ask too many questions here, folks. We're through the looking glass with usadefender1. Black is white. White is black. Up is down. And Obama is a communist, a Nazi, a Kenyan usurper, an alien from the planet Zatar, and -- worst of all in the eyes of Tea Party types -- a black man.

An assortment worthy of a chocolate-covered bridge mix follows, including, none other than wall-eyed gun putz Craig Tillman of United for a Sovereign America, who informs us that, "I think this country is in dire need of real leadership, and Obama is not the man..."

Hold on tight, Craig, for this earth-shattering news coming straight at you at the speed of sound: OBAMA WON THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. GET OVER IT!!!

I apologize for the all-caps, but I had to address Craig in a manner he could understand. Hopefully, the use of polysyllables won't permanently boggle his synapses.

Remember when we were all kids, and were raised to respect the President, even if we hated his frickin' guts? I know my parents thumped this into me as much as they could though I truly believed Ronald Reagan was the anti-Christ. Back then, the only guy who got near the President with a gun was either with the Secret Service, or was obsessed with Jodie Foster.

Wait, I almost forgot the irony part. First, read this other usadefender1 screed, which is a set up to the videographer's own unintended punch-line:

"Our government calls us names like angry mob, homegrown terrorist, Astroturf, right-wing extremists, swastika carriers, un-Americans, racist and brown shirts to name a few. I guess most of us would prefer, `constituent'!"

Okay, first you label Obama a "fascist." You play Hitler in the background. You complain of being called "swastika carriers" and "brown shirts," and then, minutes later, you feature a little speech from the best-known neo-Nazi in Arizona, J.T. Ready, who refers to Obama as "Obongo" (a racist epithet if there ever was one), and is also carrying his favorite banner -- the Confederate flag.

"We say, no, no, Obongo," chants Ready. "You gotta go, buddy."

Remember, this is the same guy who likes to flip the sieg heil at pro-Arpaio rallies, the same guy who has a page on NewSaxon.org ("an online community for whites by whites"), and the same guy who attended a National Socialist Movement rally in Omaha, Nebraska in 2007.

Behind Ready in a suit and tie is none other than Republican Mike Harris, an also-ran in the 2006 GOP gubernatorial primary against Len Munsil. Harris, who is best known for sinking $100K of his own money into his campaign after convincing a judge to cut his child support payments in half (this, according to an Arizona Daily Star report at the time), is carrying a placard that reads, "No Marxist Coup."

After Ready's finished, he repeats Ready's racist slur "Obongo," and goes on a tirade that outpaces most local nativists I've heard on the same subject.

"Let's first of all clear up some misconceptions," says Harris. "We are not a nation of immigrants. I am the seventh generation born in this country. I did not emigrate from anywhere. This young man is the eighth generation born in this country. We did not emigrate from anywhere. We built this country."

Sure you did, white man. With a little help from the slaves, natch.

Harris indicates a young towheaded lad, who now will have yet another reason to think his dad's a massive dillweed when he grows up, other than the fact that his child support got axed in half.

Thank you usadefender1 for showing us all through the magic of video what a gaggle of loony tunes and racist dolts were present in the anti-Obama crowd outside the convention center last Monday. Without you, travel titan Arthur Frommer would only have that libertarian nerd with the hornrims to blame his boycott on. Now he has so much more.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.