Neo-Nazis at the "Buycott," and Why National Socialist Harry Hughes Is (Sadly) Right

I mentioned in my roundup of Saturday's big anti-SB 1070 march that local neo-Nazi Harry Hughes attended the pro-SB 1070 "buycott" rally at Tempe's Diablo Stadium later that same say. Along for the ride was at least one other local neo-Nazi, Scott Hume.

I've been getting e-mails aplenty about how white supremacist J.T. Ready, who protested the anti-SB 1070 event at the state Capitol with a hanger-on, declared that Adolf Hitler was a "great white civil rights leader." 

Some are trying to make a big deal out of this, but really, for a long-time Schutzstaffel wannabe like Ready, this is not exactly a revealing statement. Nor is it correct to tar everyone who is pro-SB 1070 as being pro-Nazi. 

However, Hughes' post about the buycott rally on his blog "Just another day..." is intriguing in several respects. First he mentions that, "My self, along with several of my comrades" attended the demonstration. 

Were there other white supremacists present, along with Hume and Hughes? It seems likely, considering the fact that the pro-SB 1070 crowd and the neo-Nazis share similar views on immigration. Bashing Mexicans is sport for both parties.

Hughes claims he got to "meet and mingle" with politicians present. Among the speakers in attendance were Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the shameless President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Mark Spencer. PLEA is the Phoenix Police union, and Spencer has transformed it into a one-issue nativist organization, to the detriment of PLEA's members.

But it was this passage from Hughes' commentary in particular that damned the rally:

"We were quite pleased to see so many White People gathered in one place to support the rule of law. As expected, many of the speakers made a point to stress that, `We are not racists.' Perhaps, they think if they say that enough times, they might actually believe it."

Race and ethnicity are very much factors in the pro-SB 1070 crowd, despite their careful inclusion of a few non-Anglo shills, like anti-Hispanic Hispanic wingnut Anna Gaines, and African-American nativist Ted Hayes. Still, take one look at the shots of the crowd, and you'll see that it was a mostly Caucasian affair.

Despite the nativists' insistence that they are not bigots, they most certainly are. SB 1070 made "attrition through enforcement" the policy of Arizona, and "attrition through enforcement" is essentially code for "drive the Mexicans out."

Apparently, Spencer is backing state Senator Russell Pearce's efforts to undo birthright citizenship, as is enshrined in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

Spencer, who was no doubt rubbing his hands, hoping that the shooter of Police Officer Travis Murphy was an illegal immigrant so that he could make hay out of it, instead is now blasting the Constitution, because Murphy's alleged killer was an American-born citizen, reputedly of immigrant parents. 

According to Spencer, who cites "database information," the suspect's parents have been naturalized citizens for over two decades.

It isn't enough that a cop was murdered. Instead, Spencer has to find a way to misuse Murphy's corpse in a fit of anti-Mexican mania, even though the alleged murderer was an American citizen. Would Spencer's distaste for the dictates of the 14th Amendment extend to American-born cops of immigrant parents, I wonder?

Even American citizens can be scumbags, you see. But Spencer, like the rest of his nativist tribe are focused on demonizing all people of Hispanic descent. Just more proof that Harry Hughes, for all the wrong reasons, is correct about the nativists' denials.

(Note: Regarding Scott Hume, check out this June 9, 2009 blog post of mine concerning allegations from a former Hume associate and ex-Nazi to the effect that Hume attempted to push Satanism on him. Also, take a gander at Hughes and Ready on an "illegal immigration patrol" in the desert, dressed in camouflage and armed with assault rifles.)

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