New Leads in Phoenix Triple Homicide

Authorities still have no suspects in a triple homicide earlier this month in Phoenix, but they do have new leads, the Phoenix Police Department announced today.

Adrian Moreno, 38, Raul Piziarro, 28, and Jimmy Alejandro Villa, 23, were found murdered near 107th and Southern Avenues, near the Salt River bottom, in early January.

The three men, Phoenix police say, had gone to the river bottom to drive Moreno's Jeep, which he picked up from a mechanic the day before the bodies were discovered.

The day after the three men had taken the Jeep to the river bottom, family members reported them missing. The bodies of two of the men were found on January 7 with "obvious signs of trauma." The third victim was found the next day.

New video recorded by an APS camera near where the bodies were discovered shows two vehicles close in on Moreno's Jeep as he was driving through the river bottom.

The video shows the victim's Red Jeep Wrangler followed closely by a dark colored (possibly green) SUV.  About a minute later another vehicle, believed to be a black Chevy Suburban, is seen following the victim's Wrangler.

As we mentioned, police have no suspects in the case, but feel the new information about the vehicles might generate some leads.

Anyone with information about the murder, the vehicles, or victims is asked to call Phoenix Police at 602.262.6141. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Silent Witness at 480.WITNESS (480.TESTIGO).

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James King
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