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NRA PAC Endorses Russell Pearce Despite His Blame-the-Victims Remarks on Aurora Massacre

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In a major political gaffe that's sure to resonate across the nation, the National Rifle Association's political action committee has endorsed recalled, disgraced ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, giving him an "A+" rating, despite his outrageous blame-the-victim comments following the July 20, massacre in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

The endorsement is listed on the website for the NRA's Political Victory Fund, the powerful pro-gun lobby's PAC, and includes a link to Pearce's campaign site. Pearce is listed along with several other legislative hopefuls and incumbents who have received ratings and endorsements from the group.

Pearce is a longtime gun-rights advocate, who has backed legislation allowing owners to carry guns concealed without a permit, and letting pistol-packers legally have their guns with them in bars that do not display signs indicating firearms are verboten.

But Pearce drew near-universal ire for Facebook comments that came less than 24 hours after gunman James Holmes, wearing body armor and armed with an AR-15 rifle and other weapons, walked into a midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises, released smoke bombs and opened fire on the crowd.

The mass shooting left 58 injured and 12 dead, including a 6 year-old girl and the mother of two small children. Today, the Los Angeles Times reported that the mother of that 6 year-old, who was pregnant with another child, miscarried.

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