Paul Babeu Claims He Made "No Conclusions" in Case of Bodies Found in Vekol Valley

Of course, embattled Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's not apologizing for labeling the likely murder-suicide involving a family of five as the work of a "violent drug cartel."

In fact, Babeu's now saying he gave "no conclusions" about the case, and is blaming everyone else for being on "their high horse."

For anyone who's been following the saga of Babeu's apparent truth-avoidance syndrome, this isn't at all surprising.

As we wrote earlier, the five charred, still-unidentified bodies were found in an SUV in the Vekol Valley this weekend, and Babeu tried to score political points out of it.

"Thanks to all our Homicide detectives who are investigating this alarming 5 person murder and the torching of the vehicle (likely in an effort to destroy evidence)," Babeu typed up on Facebook. "All information is pointing that this is connected to the violent drug cartel smuggling in this high smuggling area."

In that same post, he took to gloating. "The border is NOT more secure than ever Ms. Napolitano!" he wrote.

Tempe Police Sergeant Jeffrey Glover said yesterday that there's no evidence the Butwins were involved with drugs, cartels, "or anything like that," and Tempe police are investigating the case as a murder/suicide.

Babeu spoke to the Associated Press today about his comments, and he didn't apologize, nor did he reverse his stance.

He justified what he said, and blamed others for making him say things.

"When you're not being transparent and giving information, then everyone stands on their high horse," he told the AP. "There were no conclusions given ... There was no pronouncement."

This would appear to be the same Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu who told KPHO this weekend, "It doesn't appear to be suicide or something like that where you hear of some crazy events."

Naturally, Babeu's comments on Facebook led his sheep to their intellectual slaughter.

You can read some selected comments by the Babeu apologists below:

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