Paul Gosar Asks Remington to Pack Up and Start Making Guns in the Colt Single Action Army Revolver State (Arizona)

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar has asked Remington Arms to move out of New York, and start making guns in Arizona.

Why? Because people in the Colt Single Action Army Revolver state "cherish our Constitution, including the Second Amendment," Gosar wrote in a letter to Remington's CEO.

"I read today that New York State has enacted the most stringent gun control legislation in the nation, creating a government list of gun owners, and restricting sales of ammunition," Gosar's letter says. "That this law is ill-conceived and unconstitutional is palpable. More directly to you, your business, and your employees in New York, the leaders in New York State have all but told you that your business, your job creation, and your contributions to New York State are no longer welcome."

Remington's been in New York for almost 200 years, and it looks like Remington has threatened to leave New York before over proposed legislation.

The company also has locations with various purposes in North Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Connecticut, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Ohio. Still, nothing in the "Colt Single Action Army Revolver" state, although Ruger does have a plant here, as do some smaller manufacturers.

"Western Maricopa County near Buckeye and Verrado would be excellent locations for your plant and your employees," Gosar's letter says. "In addition, Yuma County (Yuma has a lot of veterans and two military bases so there are lots of potential employees), Yavapai County, Gila County, or Mohave County are prime areas and would welcome you."

Gosar's letter can be found here.

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