Phoenix Convention Center Evacuated in Response to Lunch Bag and Idiot's Bomb Comment

Thousands of people were forced to leave the Phoenix Convention Center this afternoon after a mysterious bag and a bonehead comment sparked a police investigation and an all-out evacuation.

Phoenix police say shortly after 1 p.m., a man brought a bag to a Convention Center security guard and said "hope it doesn't blow up."

The man was one of thousands of people attending the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America's "Save the Dream" convention and felt the need to preface the idiotic comment by telling the security guard the bag wasn't his.

When someone starts a conversation by handing someone a bag, telling him it isn't theirs and then saying they hope it doesn't blow up, even a mall security guard might see that as a bit of a red flag.

Rather than check the bag himself, the security guard called the police, who evacuated the building and called in the bomb squad.

Couldn't he have just looked inside first?

According to Phoenix police, the answer is absolutely not.

Phoenix police spokesman Detective James Holmes says while the response may have been a bit dramatic, it was absolutely necessary considering the times we live in.

"For the average citizen, it seems ridiculous," Holmes says. "If this were 30 years ago, we'd probably all have a good laugh, but were not in a position to play Monday morning quarterback when it comes to things like this."

After evacuating the building and calling in the bomb squad, it was determined that the suspect bag was nothing more than someone's lunch.

Asked whether the bag was heavy or had anything suspicous about it, Holmes says, "The bag itself was not suspicious."  

People were allowed back in the building after the "bomb" was determined to be lunch, and the man who's stupid comment forced thousands of people to be evacuated is under investigation.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.