Phoenix Puppy Born With Only Two Legs Needs Wheelchair

What do you call a dog with two legs? Who cares, it still won't come when it's called (badop-ching).

Yet the Arizona Humane Society has got itself a 6-week-old female chihuahua that needs a little help.

"Rue," as staffers are calling the pooch, was born with only its two hind legs and brought to AHS by her owners because they didn't think they can care for the dog's special needs.

AHS spokeswoman Kimberly Sbarles says it's fairly uncommon for dogs to be born with only two legs, and ones that are often need to be euthanized

"A lot of times, dogs born with two legs need to be put down because they have a lot of other health complications," Sbarles says. "Rue, aside from not having two of her legs, seemed fine when we got her."

Sbarles says Rue is a happy healthy dog and is learning to move around on her own using just her hind legs.

Because of the special nature of the situation, Sbarles says a veterinarian has adopted the pooch and is trying to build the dog a wheeled device that would serve as its front legs.

This is where you come in.

Sbarles has asked for the help of New Times readers to find this pooch a suitable wheelchair -- or something.

Anyone with ideas, blueprints, or advice, is asked to contact the Arizona Humane Society at 9226 North Phoenix Ave. Phoenix Arizona, 85021, or call 602 997 7585.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.