Phoenix Suns Draft Alex Len, Because Anything's an Upgrade

Try not to over-analyze the first-round pick of the Phoenix Suns last night, Maryland 7-footer Alex Len -- he's an upgrade to the team.

The Suns picked Len fifth overall, in a draft where there was no certainty in who was being drafted in the early spots.

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Highlight reels indicate that Len is familiar with the game of basketball, which is really all Suns fans can ask for, because the rest of the roster is dismal, and finished last in the West.

Marcin Gortat, for example, typically appears on other players' highlight reels.

Gortat also has the Air Jordan logo tattooed on his calf, which is embarrassing for everyone, up to and including Michael Jordan himself.

Then there's Michael Beasley, who allegedly plays power forward for the Suns, but will occasionally be arrested or investigated in a sexual assault when he's not doing stuff like this:

The only good moves made by the previous Suns regime were bringing back Goran Dragic, and when traded for Marcus Morris, marking the first time in team history when they didn't have only the shitty half of a pair of brothers (see: Robin Lopez, Taylor Griffin, Luke Zeller, and Jarron Collins).

(Two notes on that: The Suns ended up having both halves of the Van Arsdale twins in the 1976-77 season, and we're not even sure if there's a shitty half of the brothers Morris.)

The moral of the story is, this Len kid, who just turned 20 last week, doesn't look bad at all. Most of his highlight reel is against smaller players, so he sure looks dominant. However, he is more athletic than most big-men, at least he was at the college level.

It's a lengthy video, but this analysis of his game is pretty good:

The Suns also get Kentucky's Archie Goodwin from the first round, in a deal with the Warriors.

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