Phoenix, Um, Rocked by Lunchtime Earthquake

Did ya feel it? We sure as hell didn't.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake rocked northwest Mexico about a 40 minutes ago, and claims of feeling the aftershocks in the Valley are coming in from everywhere.

As may have been expected, many of the claims came in "tweet" form.

"Holy cow! Earthquake tremors in Phoenix! I thought I was safe after moving from Japan," tweets AZMamaJD.

Thanks, "Mama" -- we're all very impressed you lived in Japan, but chances are you're still safe. It was only an aftershock that a few people felt, and there have been no reports of Godzilla -- yet.

User wmd404 tweets, "Here in downtown Phoenix we just felt the aftershock of another earthquake in Baja ... building swaying back and forth again."

Considering we didn't feel a thing, we find this story a little shaky (badop-ching!)

"Earthquake felt in Phoenix area. I didn't feel a thing, damn it," tweets AmandaLeeAP.

We hear ya Amanda -- we're pissed we missed all the, um, excitement, too.

You can follow the aftershocks at the USGS Web site here.

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