Read the SCA Investigative Report from State Attorney General's Office

We've only just begun looking through a large report on the state Attorney General's SCA investigation, and already we're finding interesting stuff.

But it's hundreds of pages long and, honestly, we don't have time to sift through it and cobble the highlights for you tonight. So, rather than sit on it, we're posting the whole enchilada for you to read.

New Times requested the SCA investigative report soon after the new AG, Tom Horne, took office. Horne's office took its sweet time with the request, forcing us to send a demand letter on Friday reminding the office that it was failing to comply with state public records law.

This morning, Horne's office released a compact disk with about 700 pages in four PDFs. (They also released a copy to JJ Hensley of the Arizona Republic, and we'll be looking forward to what he found in the report.)

We started with the first PDF this morning, immediately intrigued by the meeting at Coco's restaurant between David Hendershott and Karen Osborne, director of Maricopa County Elections. They chatted about the political action committees first opened by Larry Black and Joel Fox, and Hendershott wanted to know how corporations could contribute to campaigns.

Fox told the public repeatedly that Hendershott had nothing to do with the SCA, other than to contribute to it. We always figured that was bull.

Then we flipped to the last PDF, looking for any sort of conclusory remarks. We found interesting transcripts of secret recordings made by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell.

Munnell referenced these conversations in the well-publicized Munnell memo, so you may want to have that handy to compare notes.

We scanned through some of the interviews in the fourth PDF: We note with amusement that Munnell's wife called Hendershott to let him know her husband was ratting him out to the FBI. Lisa Allen tells investigators she thought Munnell's wife was a wench for doing so.

The second Randy Pullen interview was interesting, (and we haven't even read the first one.) We think you'll agree that Pullen, the former leader of the state Republican Party, comes off as super-cagey.

We also read of retired deputy Tom Tyo's trip to Big Bear Lake in the Aleutian Islands with Hendershott, big-shot developer Steve Ellman, and other SCA contributers. Tyo says he didn't pay for the trip. Nice perk.

Anyway, we'll be reading more tonight, but we figured some of you might want to get started now:


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four




David Hendershott calls Andrew Thomas an "idiot" in secret recording

Joking about sex and sheep at a Sheriff's Office staff meeting.

Horne elects to defer the SCA case to the feds.

Love, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Style

Report Details Depth of Conspiracy

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