Republican Congressman Shows "Walkway and Stairs" Across Arizona's Border With Mexico

Republicans seem to be getting VIP tours of the border lately to see how the border-crossing magic is made.

First, Senator John McCain was on a tour of the border last week when he watched a woman hop right over that "danged" border fence, and now, a Republican congressman from Utah is showing off a walkway that goes right over the border, from Mexico into Arizona.

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"No fence," Congressman Jason Chaffetz's staff posts on Twitter. "You can walk across the border, with handrails."

As McCain's posting showed, the fence didn't really do a great job of keeping a person in Mexico, but, in Chaffetz's case, it obviously means that authorities know this little path exists -- if that means anything.

More photos from Chaffetz's trip, including checkpoints and whatnot, can be found on his Twitter account.

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Matthew Hendley
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