Rocky Point Official: Future Shooting Victims Will Be Taken to Naval Hospital

Readers of New Times' cover story last week remember Fausto Soto as the Rocky Point official who spoke with us about problems facing the Mexican town's tourism industry.

New Times contacted him last week to ask about the then-rumored shooting of a man at the start of Spring Break, which was confirmed here. Soto recently got back to us about the "Godfather"-like shooting, his thoughts on the article, and the city's new policies for protecting shooting victims.

The basic gist of it is that future survivors will be taken to the naval hospital for better protection. Read the full message after the jump.

Yes indeed there was a shooting Saturday afternoon, the victim was wounded and ran, jumped over a fence and fell on the ground. He was taken to a hospital where he was finished off (remember the scene in Godfather I and so many other movies). This happened just before the Carnaval (Mardi Gras) Parade and rumors Ville immediately put the word out that Carnaval was to be cancelled, BUT the community did not give in to panic and fear.

The parade went on with thousands of people watching and participating, including a Dixie Jazz Band from Phoenix . The Mardi Gras festivities went on with parades until Fat Tuesday and we had over 5000 people each night at the fair and concerts.

The determination was taken that in the future any victim with gun shot wounds will be taken to the Naval Hospital facilities where more protection can be provided.

I have read your article which, even if it is a little long, presents a balanced picture of the situation.

Muchas Gracias y Saludos,


Take it as you will, travelers.

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Gregory Pratt
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