Rush Limbaugh on an Arizona-California "Civil War": The Wingnuts Just Get Nuttier

Rush wants a civil war? Hey, bring it, sandbillies.

Waistline-challenged ex-OxyContin addict Rush "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Limbaugh seems to think America is ripe for another civil war over Arizona's "papers please" law SB 1070. And he reckons it'll begin on the border of Arizona and California.

Speaking of Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce's idiotic pseudo-threat to cut off the 25 percent of Los Angeles' power supply that emanates from Arizona, Limbaugh talked up the possibility of a new War Between the States, according to the liberal watchdog group Media Matters.

"This is the kind of stuff that starts civil wars folks," he told his listeners. "This is not coincidental."

Hey, never mind that Pierce has no power to implement his dumb, ammo-less threat, as I mentioned in a blog this morning. Or that 60 percent of Arizona's gasoline comes from the Golden State, making Pierce's revenge fantasy even less likely.

Limbaugh's in the biz of entertaining his beloved ditto-heads, rabid wingnuts who'd probably love a civil war if they could get one going.

Certainly most of the nativists who show up to anti-immigrant rallies look like Civil War reenactors. Local Hispanic-hater Buffalo Rick Galeener comes to mind. And you can be sure they will be wearin' the gray, not Union blue.

The speck of reality in Limbaugh's comment is that many of the nativists and the SB 1070ers often draw on the same, tired "states' rights" rhetoric once spouted by Southern segregationists in the 1960s, who thought the Civil War never ended.

In other words, the dustbin of history awaits these racist oafs...

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