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Russell Pearce Apologizes, Kinda-Sorta, for Dark Knight Massacre Remarks

See also: Russell Pearce Blames Victims for Dark Knight Massacre (w/Update) See also: Russell Pearce on Blast for Racist E-mails in New Dennis Gilman Video See also: Russell Pearce's Racism "Discovered" by Arizona's Media This past week has not been kind to recalled, disgraced ex-state Senator Russell Pearce.

First, the ACLU drops a bunch of his old racist e-mails from his legislative days, which Pearce mistakenly pooh-poohs, making him look not just like a racist, but a clueless one to boot.

Then, the Mesa muttonhead receives near-universal condemnation for his "blame the victim" remarks about the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

A fundraiser for Pearce and his bother Lester, who is running for county supervisor, held Saturday night at a Holiday Inn in Fountain Hills draws a very modest crowd, most of them the usual Pearce-worshippers.

And today, uber-conservative U.S. Senator Jon Kyl endorses Bob Worsley, Pearce's rival in the GOP nomination for state Senator from Legislative District 25. Worsley is a "solid conservative," says Kyl, who will "focus on the issues that matter most to Arizonans."

No wonder Pearce issued this kinda-sorta apology above on his FaceBook page, where his self-serving, offensive comments about Friday's Dark Knight Rising killings have since been removed.

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