Russell Pearce Apologizes, Kinda-Sorta, for Dark Knight Massacre Remarks

See also: Russell Pearce Blames Victims for Dark Knight Massacre (w/Update) See also: Russell Pearce on Blast for Racist E-mails in New Dennis Gilman Video See also: Russell Pearce's Racism "Discovered" by Arizona's Media This past week has not been kind to recalled, disgraced ex-state Senator Russell Pearce.

First, the ACLU drops a bunch of his old racist e-mails from his legislative days, which Pearce mistakenly pooh-poohs, making him look not just like a racist, but a clueless one to boot.

Then, the Mesa muttonhead receives near-universal condemnation for his "blame the victim" remarks about the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

A fundraiser for Pearce and his bother Lester, who is running for county supervisor, held Saturday night at a Holiday Inn in Fountain Hills draws a very modest crowd, most of them the usual Pearce-worshippers.

And today, uber-conservative U.S. Senator Jon Kyl endorses Bob Worsley, Pearce's rival in the GOP nomination for state Senator from Legislative District 25. Worsley is a "solid conservative," says Kyl, who will "focus on the issues that matter most to Arizonans."

No wonder Pearce issued this kinda-sorta apology above on his FaceBook page, where his self-serving, offensive comments about Friday's Dark Knight Rising killings have since been removed.

The note at least starts off well.

"There comes a time when explaining stops making sense and you are better off simply apologizing," Pearce writes, later adding, "The points I tried to make were not presented well and have since been lost in the furor that resulted."

All good, as is the paean to the heroism of those who shielded loved ones from bullets. But then, it's like Pearce can't keep his pie-hole shut, and has to tick off a couple of NRA-approved talking points.

"I will never understand policies that disarm honest citizens and leave them vulnerable to the premeditated attacks of madmen," Pearce offered. "[B]ut it is still far too early for any sort of discussion over how to prevent the next such attack."

Uh, okay, if it's too early, why do you have to wave the Second Amendment in our faces, Russ? Sheesh.

Gotta wonder if Pearce's official smoke-blower Constantin Querard finally figured out Pearce couldn't bulldoze his way out of this one and penned this mea culpa for his candidate.

If you ask me, Pearce should have stuck to his, um, guns. I don't think Pearce has ever felt sorry for anything in his life. And false shame doesn't wear well on him.

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