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Russell Pearce Bigot Bash at Central High School Library CANCELED!!! (w/Update)

FINAL THOUGHTS 10:14 P.M.: I drove by Oaxaca on my way home from the office this evening. Apparently, they've been getting nasty calls from the nativists telling the staff that the business will be "boycotted" because its management chose not to host Arizona's biggest hatemonger and a passel of his knuckledragging buds.

Of course, the rednecks calling in are mostly doing so from Mesa, Cave Creek, etc., and would be petrified to be anywhere near downtown Phoenix after dark, so I don't think Oaxaca's too worried. In fact, as I was leaving, one couple offered that they had stopped by to eat there in order to support Oaxaca's decision.

Suck on that, haters. Bottom line: Your white-pride poster boy has been pantsed in front of the entire high school. By Napoleon Dynamite's pal Pedro, no less.

Indeed, consider the humiliation of of Pearce having been the most powerful man in the state, referred to as the "de facto governor," and now having his fundraiser canceled not by one, or two, but three venues, all on the same day. 

This is Russell Pearce's fate. It's also karma. Pearce scheduled his fundraiser for the same day as his Republican primary opponent Bob Worsley, in an attempt at intimidating Worsley and drawing lobbyists away from the businessman's event. 

Obviously the plan, as choreographed by uber-sleaze Constantin Querard, failed miserably. CQ kept the location a secret till the last minute, scheduling it at one of his favorite haunts -- Macayo's on Central. 

But the insult of using a Mexican restaurant to fete the biggest anti-Latino bigot in the nation reverberated throughout the Latino and activist communities. The beautiful thing about today is that the Pearce-Querard axis was shut down by a team effort, a team that operated intuitively, without overt coordination.

Spontaneously, DeeDee Blase's Tequila Party and Randy Parraz's Citizens for a Better Arizona each applied pressure. Individual activists jumped into the fray, making calls first to Macayo's, then Oaxaca's, then Central High School. Demonstrators prepared to assemble at a moment's notice each time the Pearce fundraiser was forced to move.

Behind the scenes, influential individuals intervened. For example, state Senator and Congressional Candidate David Schapira told me he put in a call to the superintendent of the Phoenix High School District, as Pearce's crowd was headed toward Central High. 

Ultimately, the plug was pulled on the final locale. But as with last year's recall, it was a cooperative effort, with Democrats, conservatives, Mormons, Latinos, Anglos, you name it, all focusing on a common goal, all joining ranks and putting aside differences to combat a shared enemy.

In other words, pat yourselves on the back, and get ready to fight the Battle of the Bulge one last time. And no, I ain't talkin' about Pearce's bloated waistline.

The failure of Querard and Pearce to successfully hold a pretty standard sort of fundraiser is indicative of how far they've fallen, and of how poor their judgment is. 

But they are desperate men, their backs to a wall, fighting for political survival and relevance.

The good news is, their army is small and growing smaller with every day that passes. They do not have the opposition's numbers, or diversity. Neither are they energized by a higher cause. They will blunder, as they did today, stumble, and fall, until they are crushed by our total victory over their mendacity, corruption and ideological extremism.

When Pearce falls in the August 28 Republican primary, his second defeat in less than a year, it will finally be over. V-E day redux. Opponents need only press on and maintain the same level of focus that was exhibited today. If so, first round's on me as soon as the polls close.

UPDATE 4:30 P.M.: Just received a call from Phoenix Union School District's community relations office. They tell me they've CANCELED Pearce's event, as they don't have the security to handle it. 

This just in...now (apparently) they're going to be having the event at a high-school that's 60 percent Hispanic. See intercepted e-mail below.

So the haters will be going right into the heart of the community they like to hate on. Nice.

Note: I'm waiting for confirmation on this from Central High, which tells me that if it's happening at the school, it's as a rental.

I'll update with more as I get it.

From: Russell Pearce [mailto:russellpearceforarizon[email protected]
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 02:14 PM
To[email protected]com <[email protected]gmail.com
Subject: Pearce fundraiser at Central High School - TODAY! Final location change 

TODAY! - Location change!


Please join


Senator Sylvia Allen · Senator Frank Antenori · Senate Andy Biggs ·Senator Judy Burges · Representative Chester Crandell · Representative Eddie Farnsworth · Representative John Fillmore · Representative David Gowan · Representative Rick Gray · Representative Peggy Judd ·Representative John Kavanagh · Senator Lori Klein · Representative Debbie Lesko · Representative Nancy McLain · Senator Al Melvin · Representative Steve Montenegro · Representative Justin Olson · Representative Terri Proud · Senator Steve Smith · Representative Michelle Ugenti


For a fundraising reception honoring


Russell Pearce


in his campaign for election to the Arizona State Senate.


Thursday, June 14th

4:30 - 7:00 PM


Central High School Library

4525 North Central Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85012


If you are unable to attend, you may contribute online at



Or send checks to:

Pearce for Arizona

1247 E. Inca Street

Mesa, AZ 85203


Maximum contribution is $424.00 for individuals,

$848.00 for married couples.

PAC checks no longer accepted.


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