Russell Pearce Endorses Robert Graham for GOP Chair; LD 25 Do-Over Tonight

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Disgraced, recalled two-time loser, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, has endorsed businessman Robert Graham for chair of the Arizona Republican Party, according to notices in both the SonoranAlliance and SeeingRedAZ blogs.

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The AZ GOP's state committee meeting is January 26, and Graham has stacked up the endorsements like cordwood, even from the "crazy" wing of the party, represented by Pearce, Pearce's pet leprechaun Maricopa County Republican Committee Chair Rob Haney, and outgoing gum-smacking gun-nut state Senator Lori Klein, among others.

Pearce's endorsement is a bit of a surprise, as many GOP moderates have feared that if Pearce makes it onto the state committee somehow, he might challenge Graham from the floor come January 26.

Not that Pearce's word is worth more than an empty box of CrackerJacks, but even Pearce would have a tough time endorsing Graham, then turning around and running against him from the floor a couple of weeks later.

Plus, Pearce may not be in a position to run from the floor, even if he were so inclined.

See, tonight is the do-over election among the Legislative District 25 GOPers for that LD's state committee slate.

According to the agreement between Haney and those who recently brought a federal lawsuit to stop Haney's hijacking of a recent LD 25 vote, Haney has to accept an election implemented tonight per the LD's bylaws.

Which should preclude Pearce from getting his name on the ballot, as he did not submit the proper paperwork in time. And if Pearce is not a newly elected state committeeman, he cannot run for AZ GOP chair.

It's anticipated that tonight Pearce will attempt to enter himself as a write-in candidate, but the non-crazies in LD 25 are expected to try and foil Pearce's move.

Initially, I suspected a deal had been cut, one that would allow Pearce to slither his way onto the state committee, if he endorsed Graham and promised not to run for chair.

But my GOP sources say this is not the case, and that after all of the time and expense the anti-Pearce faction has gone to, its members will not relinquish the fight to stop Pearce from being elected state commiitteeman.

If that's the case and a donnybrook is still on tap for tonight's Mesa GOP meeting, then why did Pearce give his nod to Graham's candidacy?

The Rs I've talked with say that Pearce knows any effort by him to run for AZ GOP chair is doomed to failure. So he's making nice with Graham, in hopes that Graham will throw him a bone once Graham is chair.

And the possibility of some state committeeman stepping aside so Pearce can be appointed by current AZ GOP chair Tom Morrissey to fill the vacancy is being downplayed by these same GOPers.

Has Pearce truly thrown in his dirty washcloth?

Have the nutbar Rs been routed following Haney's admission of defeat last week?

Can Pearce hold on to some shred of dignity, and be elected as a state committeeman, despite the bylaws and the non-wacko Rs arrayed against him?

And what's up with this Doug Little guy, a gun instructor and chair of the LD 23 Rs, who supposedly was going to rep the Teabaggers in the January 26 election for chair?

For answers to those questions and more, stay tuned for more of the Byzantine intrigue and backstabbing you've come to love in the next episode of "Sand Land Hunger Games, GOP-Style."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.