Russell Pearce on Blast for Racist E-mails in New Dennis Gilman Video

Gilman skewers Pearce and brings back an old Pearce bud from the dead

From beyond the grave, J.T. Ready haunts recalled, disgraced state Senator Russell Pearce in this new video by Dennis Gilman on the controversy surrounding Pearce's racist e-mails, unearthed and made public by the ACLU.

Some of the most egregious comments in those e-mails come from articles written by notorious Colorado xenophobe Frosty Wooldridge, which Pearce forwarded on to his pals, just as he did a neo-Nazi screed back in 2006.

The mere fact that an unapologetic Pearce would call a bigot like Wooldridge a "great patriot," as he did to ABC 15, pretty much tells you what you need to know. Guess who is also a big fan of Wooldridge's work? Erstwhile Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Pearce's insensitive remarks over the weekend about the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, were themselves a reminder of Pearce's link to Ready, and Ready's slaughter of four individuals including a baby girl on May 2, in Gilbert, before offing himself.

When Pearce downplays Wooldridge's use of a "leprosy" metaphor in an anti-immigrant jeremiad, I'm reminded of the days Pearce said of Ready, "I don't think J.T. is a bad guy."

See, Pearce's views on immigration and race dovetail with those of haters like Ready and Wooldridge. In many cases, they mirror each other. That's why Pearce sees nothing wrong with Wooldridge's nativist rants, and why he associated with Ready for so long, only kicking him to the curb when it was politically expedient.

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